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Strawberry Picking in Nanbu Town!

Strawberry Picking in Nanbu Town!

Spring in Nanbu! Stawberries

Spring in Nanbu! Jenna Gold” & “Red Gold

Spring in Nanbu! Apple

Spring in Nanbu! Pear

Spring in Nanbu! Pear

Spring in Nanbu! Pear

Spring in Nanbu! Blueberry,Peach

Spring in Nanbu! Blueberry,Peach

Spring in Nanbu! Cherry

Spring in Nanbu! Cherry

Spring in Nanbu!

Fun and Learning Center on American Day

The 13th Misawa International Ice Festival

Misawa Jr. Ice Hockey Club

Small town helps in big way

Nagaimo and Burdock root

Yokoyama Taikan : An Innovator of Japanese Paintings.

Countries of Tea: Japan vs. England

Notice from The Insider

Miracle Apples

Tamura Photo Studio

Oirase Gorge Map

The Day, 3.11

Japanese TV

Free Toll Road

Tankah Iwai

Minamisanriku Town

Wa Rasse & A-Factory

Tsuru Kame Shokudo

Randoseru Donation

Grandma's Old Sayings

The Fighter

Cherry Blossom Viewing

Hina Doll Festival

The King's Speech

Ghibli's Layout


New Year's

Nagasaki Champon

Hachinohe Free Blades

Misawa Ice Arena

Asamushi Kanko Hotel

New Toys

The Expendables

Tips for Studying Japanese

Ryoma Sakamoto

24 Hour TV Show

Favorites from Tokyo

Barefoot Gen

Ken Watanabe

Robin Hood

John Lennon Museum




Child-raising Support Shops

Edible Plants



Children's Books


  • "Avatar"
  • "Where the Wild Things Are"
  • Disney's "Christmas Carol"
  • "Girl Leapt thru Time"
  • Floral Language
  • "This Is It"
  • Embroidery in Aomori
  • "Hachi"
  • "Ramen Girl"
  • "Rashomon"
  • "Before/ After"
  • "Osamu Dazai"
  • "Grave of the Fireflies"
  • "Kitchen"
  • Fashion Industory
  • "Snow Falling on Cedars"
  • Tezuka, Osamu
  • "Departures"
  • "Ikiru"("To Live")
  • "Black Rain"
  • J-Horror Movies
  • Movie "Ohayo"
  • "Hula Girls"
  • Akira Toriyama
  • "Run! Postman Run!"
  • Johnny's Entertainment
  • Red and White Music Battle
  • Japanese Lottery
  • Mako, Blog Cat
  • Dragon Ash
  • Leah Dizon News!
  • Asian Kung-Fu Generation
  • Exile
  • Speed
  • Yoshiya Asamizu
  • Southern All Stars
  • Mino Monta
  • Cyril
  • Leah Donna Dizon
  • Namie Amuro<
  • Wonders of Human Body
  • Culture

    No.254 (2/28/14)


    Guest Writer

    From the Nanbu Town Hall: 1. To make a reservation, please email 7 days prior to your requesting date with your information listed below to:
     1) The name of the representative person
     2) Requested Date and Time
     3) Number of people
     4) Your cellphone number
    2. We will reply to you with a confirmation of your reservation as soon as we check your email.
    3. If you wish to cancel a weekend reservation, please contact us no later than Thursday via Email:
    4. On your appointed day, if you found out that you are not able to come to the farm for emergency reasons or in case you are running late, please contact our English speaking staff, Mr. Kawai. (Mr. Kawai's Cellphone: 090-1932-9665)
    ※Please note that our staff, Mr. Kawai will only be available by phone on your appointed date.
    1. Please see the English map and come to Cherry House Hotel front desk located at Nagawa Cherry Village to meet our English Speaking Staff, Mr. Kawai. The Cherry House is marked as #12 on the English map.
    2. From Cherry House Hotel, Mr. Kawai will direct your car to the strawberry farm.
    3. After you enjoy strawberry picking, Mr, Kawai will direct your car back to the Cherry House.

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