No.205 (2/9/12)

Misawa Jr. Ice Hockey Club

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

As soon as our short summer finishes in Misawa, members of the Misawa Junior Ice Hockey Club from age four to twelve start practice on the ice. All the members look forward to putting their skates, protective gear, gloves and helmets on and skillfully using their hockey sticks. With learning the basic skating skills, they also learn sportsmanship and team communication, and then begin to grow their friendships. The hockey season starts from the middle of August till the end of April. There are several tournament leagues during the winter. The team is divided into A, B, and C teams depending on their age or skill level. The Jr. members also give up their weekends for dry land training in order to develop their physical strength and build up their bodies, when the season is over. They are also involved in local activities for charity events, Misawa City festivals, etc.

At the first event in 2012, Misawa Jr. members and some senior players in the local areas had a hockey clinic and games with the Tohoku Free Blades from Hachinohe, our professional home team. They also joined another hockey event in Aomori City on January 22 at the Sanwa Arena. About 80 young players from Aomori, Hachinohe, Misawa and Nanbu Town played some mini games with nine Free Blade players for prizes. In the afternoon, each Jr. hockey team had a thirty-minute session game with the Free Blades. Misawa Jr. team player said, "I had a good time with the Free Blades!" "I scored three goals today!" "Thank you to the Free Blades for passing the puck to me."

Misawa Jr. Ice Hockey Club has practices on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 6:15pm to 7:45pm. (The hours may be subject to change depending on games and holidays.) They are always welcoming new members from beginners to experienced players. See below for the point of contact.

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