No.222 (10/26/12)

Spring in Nanbu!

By Simon Bernard
Guest Writer

Winter is around the corner and you only have about a month left for picking fruit. Delicious “Jenna Gold” & “Red Gold” apples are ripe and ready for you.

The Nagawa Tourist Information Center, where the staff will call a local farmer who will guide you to their farm will close October 28th.

Apple picking will still be available until mid-November but after the 28th you will need to
in English and make a reservation.

Pick-Your-Own Fruit × Make-Your-Own Sweets: Those who are interested in fruit picking and cooking delicious sweets, here is a perfect program offered for you. Nanbu chefs/teachers will be demonstrating and teaching you some wonderful sweet experiences. After meeting our staff, you will be picking fruits at the local farm and making sweets with your just-picked seasonal fruit. This program takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. To join this program, you will need to make a reservation sending email in English by one week prior to your requesting date. 5 and more attendants are required to register this program. This program is offered year-round.

For a free color English guide map of Nanbu Town with directions from Misawa Air Base go to Misawa ITT and pick one up today!

Nanbu Town Guide

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