No.176 (11/26/10)

Face off on the ice!

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

This year was the 25th anniversary at Aomori prefectural skate rink on October 31. The special event, ice hockey festival with Hachinohe Free Blades -- the Japanese professional ice hockey team, was held. The event consisted of many activities such as a skate lesson by pro-players, some recreation time with the characters, Blazy and Alpha, professional ice hockey demonstration, photo shooting time with the players etc. Furthermore, many Jr. ice hockey members including Misawa Jr. were officially invited to have exhibition matches with the Free Blades players in the afternoon. The children and hockey fans seemed excited to have quality time with the players. The Free Blades games are available on January 8 and 9 at Niida skate rink in Hachinohe. The tickets are now on sale at Lawson, 700 yen for children and 1,300 yen for adults, or 2,000 yen for reserved seats. You may purchase the tickets at door for higher prices.

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Once snow falls, the activities in this area would be very limited. At the Misawa ice arena, there are figure skating lessons and Misawa Jr. ice hockey practices in season. Misawa Jr. ice hockey will provide fun time for children to learn skating techniques and good sportsmanship. Free trial lessons will be offered for beginners. If you have any questions for hockey sign-up, please contact Taeko Koizumi at tygordon(at) for more information in English.

No.176 (11/26/10)

Misawa Ice Arena

By Jerry Carrol
Guest Writer

So you want to go to the Misawa Ice Arena but you aren't sure if it's open? Before you go, check out their website at Scroll down to the near bottom of the page and you will see their current schedule in calendar format. Look for the date you want to go and as long as you see a time slot displayed, during that time the ice is open to general admission. Don't worry about the kanji. Just look for the numbers; for example 9時〜16時means 9am to 4pm. If there are times present, there is open admission. Also, every Saturday that is open for skating also has free admission for children in the 9th grade and younger (Skate rental is still 300 yen). Additionally there is a current schedule on the middle bulletin board when you walk in on the skate rental side of the arena.

General admission and rental tickets can be purchased from the ticket machine that is in the corner not far from the rental counter. Please make sure you choose the appropriate admission ticket. If you like to go often, it would be a good idea to buy the discounted tickets. There are 6 for the price of 5 and then there is the 4 month discount ticket where you go as often as you like for 4 months. So there you have it, all the info you need so now you have no reason not to go. See you on the ice!

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