No.221 (10/12/12)

Spring in Nanbu!

By Simon Bernard
Guest Writer

Winter is around the corner and you only have about a month left for picking fruit. Delicious red apples called "Senshu & “Red Gold" and yellow "Toki" apples are ripe and ready for you. You better hurry if you want to pick green Niagara grapes as they are almost out of season. Just go to the Nagawa Tourist Information Center, the staff will call a local farmer who will guide you to their farm.

There are many places in scenic Nanbu Town where you can not only pick & eat fresh fruit but you can do some sight-seeing as well. Make it a day by visiting the gift bazaar at the ceramic center, the arts & crafts dry flower shop or the 700 year old Hokoji mountain temple. There is camping until October 27th, the 100 foot dragon tower for the kids to climb or take them to the water park’s giant water slide! For a free color English guide map with directions from Misawa Air Base go to Misawa ITT and pick one up today!

Red Gold

Nanbu Town Guide

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