No.206 (2/24/12)

The 13th Misawa International Ice Festival

You and your family are invited to attend the 13th Annual Misawa City Ice Festival. Held on 10 Mar at the Misawa Ice Arena, this event is great for kids. In addition, it's a fantastic way for you and your children to experience Japanese culture. Sign-up is not required prior to the day's festivities.

The itinerary is:
0830-0910 registration, team build-up,
(participants must sign up by 910)

0915-0925 opening ceremony

0930-0935 stretch, warm-up

0940-1010 bowling on ice

1015-1050 ball dribble relay

1055-1120 rubber-tube sled relay

1125-1145 tug-of-war on ice

1150-1200 closing ceremony,
participation prizes/certificate

Things to bring: gloves, winter boots (no spike), warm clothes, some yen for vending machine (if you need)
Age group: 4 - 12 years old but there are some games whole family can participate in. Small children's play area is available.
Transportation: your own car. Please use free parking lot next to the ice arena.
For more information: Airman and Family Readiness Center at 226-4735

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