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Nagaimo and Burdock root

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

Have you seen Nagaimo and Burdock root before? You might see them in Misawa, because Nagaimo, Burdock root and Garlic are the largest food production in Aomori. I would like to introduce you to Nagaimo and Burdock root today.

ごぼう(Gobo):Burdock root
Autumn and Winter are the seasons for harvesting Burdock root. Currently, Aomori is increasing the planting area of Burdock root. A dietary fiber is contained in Burdock root, it is said to regulate the functions of the intestines and is good for constipation. Burdock root elevates blood sugar level and is a good food resource for diabetes.

How to pick good Burdock root
1.Keep burdock root as cropped without washing in order to maintain freshness.
2.Choose heavy and firm ones.
3.Find relatively straight and wide ones.

How to store the Burdock root.
If the Burdock was already washed, wrap them with moist newspaper and wrap over them with saran wrap. Store them in the refrigerator. If not, keep them in dry newspaper and store them at room temperature.

Burdock root manufactured foods
ごぼうチップス(Burdock chips), ごぼう茶(Burdock tea), ごぼうアイス(Burdock ice)

I have told you that Aomori is the largest production of Nagaimo. Aomori's Nagaimo is known for its good quality by national market. It is refined and fleshly soft so that it is easy to peal and cook. Nagaimo is rich in digestive enzymes like Amylase which helps digest food. Nagaimo is very slimy because of mucin. It promotes metabolic and nutritional fortification.

How to pick good Nagaimo
1.Find cross-section surface is white and fresh.
2.Pick Nagaimo, the outside color is relatively close to light chino pants color and less damaged ones.
3.Find the outside of skin is uncurved surface and smooth ones.
4.Chose less fibrous root ones.

How to storing the Nagaimo
If you have a whole Nagaimo, wrap with newspaper and store in dark cold place. If you have sliced Nagaimo, wrap the cut surface with saran wrap to not dry, and store them in the refrigerator.

When you peel the Nagaimo skin, if the Nagaimo's slimy thing sticks on your arm, you might feel itchy. So you should be careful when peeling.

Nagaimo manufactured food
長いもの酢漬け(Pickled Nagaimo), 冷凍とろろ(Frozen grated yam)

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