No.196 (9/23/11)

Tamura Photo Studio

By Mrs. Tamura
Guest Writer
(Translated by Nao H. Kauffman)

We are very pleased to photograph foreigners for special occasions such as couple photos, wedding pictures, baby/ birthday photos, and many more. We learned that foreigners are fond of capturing lots of photos of their past memories and experiences. In my sessions, they are easy to work on since they naturally have great smiles and eloquent looks.

The Japanese Kimono style photos are especially popular among the foreigners. To commemorate their time in Misawa or as a gift for family and friends, foreigners enjoy this style of photo. Girls and women dress up in Kimonos and set their hair with pretty hair accessories. The boys and men wear Haori(a robe) and Hakama (a bottom) with a long Katana(a sword) as if they were a samurai. Not only are they dressing up in Japanese-style clothing, but they are also photographed in front of a Japanese setting backdrop. A Tatami (Japanese mat) or a beautiful Japanese paper umbrella are used as props in the photo sessions. We love to dress up the Japanese settings for the photos. As a result, all of our customers unanimously say the photos are “very beautiful and pretty”. We found that they are deeply impressed and pleased by our work that they would recommend us to their friends. We will be soon be taking special photos for Christmas greetings.

Tamura Photo Studio is located near the main gate of Misawa Air Base. If you are interested, please set up an appointment. We offer great deals on packages for our quality services.

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