No.175 (11/12/10)

Asamushi Onsen Kankou Hotel

By Keiko H. Johnson
Staff Writer

Asamushi Onsen Kanko Hotel is located on the coast of Mutsu Bay. At the hotel, The finest authentic Japanese cuisine prepared with seasonal food materials are prepared by a well-experienced chef, who had served at one of the well-known hotels in Tokyo. Considering the concept of beauty on both its appearance and its taste, each dish derives the most delicate yet conspicuous flavors.

The hotel is facing the coast of Mutsu Bay. Among all of the hotels and Ryokans in the area, Asamushi Onsen Kanko Hotel is privileged to hold a magnificent view of Yunoshima and an extensive view of Mutsu Bay all by itself. The beautiful Yunoshima Island floating in the extensive ocean view of Mutsu Bay is the scene viewed from each window at the hotel. Although, it is captured from the windows of the room you are staying in, the best location to enjoy the view in the hotel is in the Spa Room. Looking at the vibrant colors of changing leaves on Yunoshima Island, glowing even more brightly during the sunset, adds to an artsy mood of Japan, especially while sitting in the thin layer of steam that carries an aromatic scent of cedar rising from the hot springs.

Plan & Package deals:
The hotel provides various types of package plans. The packages including a day-plan, party plan, ladies plan and overnight plan and are continuously offered.

Directions & Extra Information:
All of the charming experiences in Japan are enjoyed at Asamushi Kanko Hotel. A Japanese Tsugaru Jyamisen Concert is continuously conducted in the recreation room of the hotel, and the souvenir shop located on the first floor of the hotel has a large selection of local products to choose from. Asamushi Onsen Kanko Hotel stands on Rt. 4, which leads to Aomori City. On the other side of the hotel, there is Asamushi Aquarium which you are welcomed to visit anytime.

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