No.233 (4/12/13)

Strawberry Picking in Nanbu Town!

By Simon Bernard
Guest Writer

Spring is here and it is already time for picking fresh fruit off the vine. Strawberries are in season. It seems that so many of you went out to Nanbu to go strawberry picking that some of the farms are low in stock! Ha! They are asking that starting now please make a reservation before you go so they can assure you there will be strawberries to be picked. Send an email to or call 0178-76-2310 and ask for Yamamoto-san who speaks English!

By the way, cherries are expected to be ripe starting June 23rd!

Make it a day by visiting the gift shop at the ceramic center, the arts & crafts dry flower shop or the 700 year old Hokoji mountain temple. There is camping, the 100 foot tall dragon tower for the kids to climb or you can take them to the water park's giant water slide.

If you would like a free English color brochure with map, drop by Misawa ITT or Misawa Inn and pick one up!

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