No.170 (8/27/10)

Do You Want to Help The World? Watch The 24-hour TV Show!!

By Keiko H. Johnson
Staff Writer

This year marks the 33rd charity drive, the 24-Hour TV show declares “Thank you; A Universal Phrase” as it's slogan and airs special programs on TV nationwide. Nippon Television Network and affiliated cooperation air special TV programs, aiming to promote a charity drive for those disadvantaged people and countries. The show, that traditionally comes on in August, consists of various programs designed to entertain, such as; a comedy show, a high school dance competition, a 24 hour celebrity marathon, and many more, will come on TV August 28 & 29 of this year.

If you are interested in taking part in the charity program, there are ways to do so. From the last week of August, until the last minute toward the ending of the 24-hour TV show, the Nippon Television production and affiliates promote donations at major shopping malls in Japan as well as holding the telethon drive during the show. One of the biggest shopping mall chains in Japan: Aeon/ Jusco Group, as one of the main participants for the program, holds donation boxes at their stores. Shimoda Aeon Shopping Mall sets their donation booth next to the Daiso 100 yen store. The t-shirts sold for the purpose of promoting the donations at the booth also are sold. Each year the artist’s designs for the T- shirts change. This year's logo represents 33rd 24 hour TV show is designed by studio Gibli, who is known as the creator of TOTORO and many Gibli collections.

The funds earned from selling the event T-shirts as well as the donations collected in the donation box will be sent to the charity drive. With the collaboration of NTV and affiliated corporations, the donation has been accumulated and contributed to assist in welfare, to preserve the environment, and to facilitate the disaster relief programs. As a part of welfare activities, providing wheelchairs and special vehicles, training service dogs, and advocating home-based care for the physically disadvantaged, have been continuously done. As to preserve the beauty of earth, illegally disposed garbage and litter at Mt. Fuji, Lake Biwa, and those have been washed ashore around the coast of Japan, are picked up periodically by the hands of volunteers. The donations have also been used to aid victims of typhoons, volcanic eruptions, and Tsunami attacks around the world. Furthermore, they donated 120 million yen to the U.S. for the victims of the September 11 terrorist attack.

While there are many countries facing on-going heartbreaking events in the world, we are likely to linger ourselves as powerless bystanders. The Nippon television and affiliated TV networks air the show: 24 Jikan Terebi nationwide for the purpose of introducing the existential social welfare within, and out, the country of Japan, aiming to promote the charity drive for those disadvantaged countries and people.

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