No.230 (2/22/13)

Strawberry Picking in Nanbu Town!

By Simon Bernard
Guest Writer

Stawberries are ripe and ready for picking in Nanbu Town! Make reservations in English by email:noson(a) Tell them what day and time you will meet the farmer at the Nagawa Cherry Center on Rt. 4(see Point "D" on the guide map). You can also make reservations only by Japanese speaking people directly at : 080-5226-7468 or 0178-76-3625 ask for KUDOU TSUKASA/ 工藤 司. Please give a few days notice by email and remember no one is in the office to process your email on weekends. The farm is open 7 days/week. A free guide map is available at Misawa ITT & Misawa Inn!

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