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Welcome to Misawa!

Who We Are

The Insider is a reliable local information source  for those PCSing to Misawa and their families. Free copies of The Insider is distributed every 2nd and 4th Friday on and off Misawa Air Base.
Our sincere wish to that this magazine  will prove beneficial for readers and help build closer ties of friendship and cultural understanding between the American and Japanese communities.


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★Printing Service: business cards, posters, brochures, tickets, etc. Call or email for details.
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Send us emails for article and photo contribution, comments, and questions.

Insider Art & Design Co. Ltd.
SKY PLAZA MISAWA 3F,2-8-34 Chuoucho, Misawa City,
Aomori 033-0001 JAPAN
Phone: 050-5532-2838

Fax: 0176-53-7936

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Directions to the Insider Office

The SKY PLAZA building is just around the Main Gate. Please use the SKY PLAZA parking where is just in front of the building.
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