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Unique Toys Won Awards in the Japan Toy Competition 2014

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The Japan Toy Association selected this year's winners of the Japan Toy Competition in June 2014 as a part of the International Tokyo Toy Show. The annual event's objective is to encourage toy makers to develop quality toys that will appeal to consumers. This year, 336 entries from 41 companies competed. Having started in 2008, it has only been held six times in the past, but already it has attracted much interest in the media and with consumers. You may want to obtain some of the award-winning toys as holiday gifts or souvenirs. There are seven divisions and 35 awards in this competition: General Toy Division, Educational Toy Division, Boy's Toy Division, Girl's Toy Division, Communication Toy Division, Innovative Toy Division, High Target Toy Division, and Top Sales Award. In each division, the five best toys were selected and a final winner was chosen from these five. In this article, I would like to introduce some of the award-winning toys that might interest The Insider readers. They are available online at large toy stores such as Toys”R”Us and Also at online stores, you might be able to find them with a good discount. (Prices are all manufacturers’ suggested retail prices and may be subject to change.) General Toy Division:
★ Hello! Zoomer (ハロー!ズーマー) by TOMY Company Ltd. ? 16,200 yen This robotic dog toy is operated together with a sound application in order to create communication. It is easy to play visually and uniquely fun for people who have a hearing problem.
Anpanman Magical Bongo (アンパンマンマジカルボンゴ) by AGATSUMA CO., LTD. -3,456 yen The toy is an electrical instrument which creates flashes and sounds with your action by hitting the bongo rhythmically.
Game Robot 25 (ゲームロボット25) by HANAYAMA Co. LTC. ? 3,218 yen Blind people found this toy enjoyable since it offers a lot of sound games.
Educational Toy Division:
★ Nano Block plus Basic Set Standard (ナノブロック+ベーシック・セット・スタンダード) by KAWADA CO. LTD. ? 4,860 yen By changing the size of the blocks, it enhances the creativity of young children.
Anpanman Color Kids Tablet (アンパンマンカラーキッズタブレット) by AGATSUMA CO., LTD. -7,344 yen The toy uses a color LCD screen to show simple videos, and offers seven different educational learning activities with templates. This is great for learning Japanese.
Oshaberi (talking) Smart House Yuttarisan (おしゃべりスマートハウス ゆったりさん) by TOMY Company Ltd. ? 7,020 yen This is the Rica-chan House (the Japanese version of Barbie doll) produced in collaboration with Panasonic Home, to introduce eco-activity and promote social skills through playing house.
Boy's Toy Division:
★ Pokemon Mega Ring (ポケモンメガリング) by TOMY Company Ltd./ 1,080 yen This toy is one of the tools which works with DVD toys, figures, etc. of the Pocket-Monster Series to create an evolution of characters with seven different lights and cool sounds. Tenkai Knight Figure Series (テンカイナイトフィギュアシリーズ) by Happinet ? Basic Figure 734 yen, DX figure 1,944 yen These toys are like block toys, which transform into figures.
Girl's Toy Division:
★ Puripas Idol Link (プリパスアイドルリンク) by TOMY Company Ltd. / 10,778 yen This is a portable fashion coordinating toy includes wi-fi communication. You can play activities on this device and also work with a game machine at the shop arcade.
HELLO KITTY Ryourimo! Osharemo! Kitchen ? dresser by AGATSUMA CO., LTD. / 5,400 yen The front is a kitchen, and the back is a vanity which holds a lot of girly gadgets. The toy was greatly admired for the value at a reasonable cost.
Communication Toy Division:
★ Kyoufu! Doki Doki Crush Jintai Mokei (恐怖!ドキドキクラッシュ人体模型) by MegaHouse Cooperation -4,298 yen This is a thrilling toy like Operation. An anatomical model of the human body is a symbol of horror stories in a school biology classroom.
Innovative Toy Division:
★ Hako Vision (ハコビジョン) by BANDAI CO., LTD ? 540 yen Applying the Japanese innovative technology, 3D Projection Mapping, that is such a mega hit throughout Japan, this toy creates this visual entertainment compactly in your hand by syncing with your smart phone and its application.
High Target Toy Division:
★ PROPLICA MOON STICK (プロップリカ ムーンスティック) by BANDAI CO., LTD / 9,504 yen The world-known girl’s anime, Sailor Moon, also appeals to adult anime fans. The toy realistically creates the actual size and sounds and lighting.
2013`s Top Sals Award: Kamen Rider Gaimu and Baron Set (仮面ライダー鎧武&バロンセット) by BANDAI CO., LTD / Open Price This award is granted to the toy which made the most sales and was admired by consumers. The toy is a transformation belt with action tools from Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider is a forever hero for young boys.
Special Award was granted to Transformer by TOMY Company Ltd. Transformer was originally born in Japan, and has been long loved by children in over 130 countries.
The Tokyo Omocha Show is held annually in June. Next year, it is open to the public on June 20th and 21st at Tokyo Big Site West Hall 1- 4. More detailed information will be updated online in late March. ( While you are staying in Japan, it can be avery exciting experience to visit the venue and check out the advanced and unique technology of Japan’s Toy Industry

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