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No.267 (09/12/14)

Lake Towada - Discover Northern Japan-"

By Naomi Izumi
Guest Writer

Lake Towada, sitting 400 meters above sea level, was originally created by a large-scale volcanic eruption 200,000 years ago. This large caldera crater is 327 meters deep and filled with clear blue water. Lake Towada is known as the third deepest lake in Japan. Originally, no fish inhabited the lake, according to scientific research. However, raising red salmon became very popular in early 1900s, and artificial incubation and stocking of the lake was encouraged. Nowadays, many establishments along the lakeshore serve tempura and grilled red salmon as a local specialty. Smoked red salmon is also one of the most popular souvenirs around the Lake.More than three million tourists visit the lake every year. Many hotels and restaurants are gathered at the south side of the lake. The area called Yasumiya is the center of sightseeing locations along the shore. Lake Towada and its surrounding scenic areas are great for outdoor activities, bird watching, wildlife observation, and red salmon fishing.

Oirase Gorge
Fall is the best season to enjoy the gorgeous autumn hues of Oirase Gorge. The Oirase River flows from the Eastern shores of Lake Towada toward the Pacific Ocean through this gorge. Various sizes of waterfalls and unusual rock formations create magnificent and unforgettable sceneries.

Oirase Gorge Hiking Route
A 14 km hiking route runs from Nenokuchi to Yakeyama. The trail, which includes 15 major waterfalls, takes about two and a half hours to hike.

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