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No.253 (2/14/14)

Chiropractic & Massage Este in Tamura "大夢来"

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

Have you had chiropractic or massage therapy in Japan? Surely there have been times when you must have been working hard. Even everyday stress and fatigue builds up. Sometimes you need to get chiropractic or spa massage. Getting massage makes you feel better, refreshed, get over your fatigue, relaxes you, gives relief from pain and more. I think it is a way you can become very comfortable in your life. There are several good Chiropractic and Massage places in Misawa and I would like to introduce one of our sponsors, Chiropractic & Massage Este in Tamura. They specialize in offering chiropractic and massage therapy.

There is a story in how Mr. Tamura got started in his chiropractic practice. When he was working at a jewelry company, he was always feeling poorly. Once he was feeling so ill it prevented him from going to work for a week. He went to see the doctor and got medicine but it didn't help at all. "A drowning man will catch at a straw." he thought. Finally, he decided to try to get chiropractic therapy. He was so surprised that it made him feel so much better. He finally was able to go back to work. That experience left him thinking about the rest of his life. He made up his mind that being a chiropractic practitioner is the job he wanted to do. He wanted to make people healthy and happy through chiropractic therapy. Also he preferred to work by himself rather than working at a company with many people. While still working at the jewelry company, he entered chiropractic courses of study and finally he received his certificate as a chiropractic therapist, and then he quit the company. The institution where he studied is affiliated with the Texas Chiropractic College.

Now he has been in chiropracty for 8 years. In the beginning, he had his chiropractic office in Hachinohe City for 3 years. But then his mentor took him to Misawa City, because his mentor has his chiropractic office in Misawa, but only opened the office on Sunday and Monday. However his mentor could no longer carry on and he asked Mr. Tamura to run the Misawa practice. Mr. Tamura accepted. The name of the practice at that time was "Koshin" and it was located in front of the Max Valu supermarket. Mr Tamura was the chiropractor at Koshin for 5 years, and he was doing very well. Over the years he gained more and more experience. About a year and half after he began working at Koshin, he got some American customers. At first, he was worried because he couldn't speak English very well and he didn't know how to treat them. But, he tried and they understood what he said and everyone seemed to get better and feel good with his chiropractic therapy. Mr. Tamura was greatly encouraged. Even if he couldn't speak English, the body is the same for all people all over the world. He realized that he can treat them as well as he could treat Japanese and show them how to do preparatory exercise face to face. When he was a chiropractor in Hachinohe city, Americans never showed up to his place. However in Misawa city, he acquired much experience in treating people from foreign countries. He has his certificate from Texas Chiropractic College, and that means much to Americans. As he gradually gains experience working with foreigners he loves his work more and more.

While working at Koshin, Mr. Tamura had been thinking about establishing his own office and practice. He had been doing chiropracty for five years in Misawa and he thought it was about time to have his own office. So he decided to quit Koshin, got another place in Misawa and changed the office name to "Tamura". He opened his new chiropractic office and started in last December 15th of last year. The chose to write the name of the office 'Tamura' in Chinese characters as "大夢来", which literally means 'great dream come'. Mr Tamura put his wishes into that name meaning that to have a big dream come true, small dreams come true little by little, eventually making the big dream come true! I think it is apparent that Mr. Tamura's big dream has come true!
His treatment menus are good for stiff shoulders, neck and back pains, headaches and more. His rates for these are 3,500 yen / 60 minutes, and 4,200 yen / 90 minutes. He offers a first time discount for 2,500 yen / 80 minutes. So here is your chance to get Mr. Tamura's healing chiropractic therapy now!

In their new place, there is not only Mr. Tamura's chiropractic office but also his wife offers spa massage, often called 'este' in Japan. She provides facial, body, and head massage. In the future, she also wants to treat Americans, but for now she needs to study and improve her English.

Two months have passed since he opened their new office and Mr. and Ms. Tamura have been doing very well. They are getting established in the new location and people are getting to know them. But one great difficulty remains for him; when some English speakers call to him to ask directions to the new location, he says it is really hard to give directions in English on the phone.
Accordingly, the Insider will now give you directions to the new location of Tamura. Coming from base on the 30-meter boulevard, turn left at the intersection of McDonalds' and CoCo's, go down the street past Misawa Bowl and Misawa Driving School and turn left at Koizumi Mart. Koizumi Mart is a convenience store on the far corner on the left side of the street and the sign is in English. Go in one short block and you will see a pink flag on the left. This is the new Tamura chiropractic office. There are 2 parking lots. One in front of the house, and the other is behind the house. The map is at the bottom of the page. It will make it easier to understand the directions. They are open every day, but you need to make a reservation before you go. They also provide gift certificates! What a great present to give to your parents, sister, brother or your friend.

Mr. Tamura always strives to do his best . Now, he is studying English very hard to welcome people from many countries.

Mr Tamura always says that living in good health is the most important thing in our life."When you feel bad or tired, chiropractic therapy might be just the medicine you need."

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