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No.244 (9/27/13)

Vermeer - Meet The Master of Light - in Aomori

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

The Vermeer exhibition is being held at the Aeon Mall in Shimoda from September 27th to October 27th. It is the very first appearance in Aomori. This exhibition is for commemoration for The Aeon Mall in Shimoda's reopening. They are carrying 37 paintings of Vermeer. Those paints are recreated to perfectly reflect Vermeer's paintings with exact color and full size by the latest printing techniques. Also, they will display many informative materials about Vermeer and his painting to make it easy to understand. You can feel and learn about Vermeer in those days and what he was all about.

The supervisor of this exhibition, Shinichi Fukuoka, said he traveled for four years around the world along with Vermeer's life and paintings. He knows all about Vermeer, what he stood for and what he believed in.

When Vermeer was 20-year-old, he intended to be a painter. However he didn't know what his style was. Vermeer experimented with many different materials and techniques. Eventually he found his true calling. He started to paint domestic interiors, often of a woman alone doing something in silence: standing, writing a letter, playing an instrument. A story without a story would begin to tell the story. One discovers what is called "Vermeer's Room". Soon he was able to actually take control of bits of light, and successfully stop time. He painted many masterpieces in his life.
Shinichi Fukuoka wishes he would display all Vermeer's work in chronological order in one place and watch them come to life.
Shinichi Fukuoka's dream comes true using this recreated system. Shinichi Fukuoka wanted to bring Vermeer's work to one place with the colors, lighting and full-size experience. The re-created painted technique brings this into reality in "Vermeer-Meet the Master of Light" exhibition. Fukuoka is looking forward to everyone getting to know Vermeer and seeing the world as he saw it by following his tracks and enjoying Vermeer's work.

Along with the art, onlookers can get audio receivers to enable one to tune into guidance narrations by famous Japanese actress, Rie Miyazawa and famous Japanese actor, Kaoru Kobayashi. Music is accompanied by the audio by composer Joe Hisaishi who created of music of "My neighbor Totoro", "Laputa: The Flying Island", "The princess Mononoke" and so on. These movies are some of the most famous Japanese animation by Hayao Miyazaki in Ghibli.

For Ticket information:
Look at The Play Guide Aeon Mall Shimoda for more information.
Lawson Ticket>>L-code:23207

Show your Aeon credit card or Waon card and receive a discount.

Admission Fees (Including Tax):
Adult/ 1,000 yen
Junior high school student, High school and College students/ 500 yen
Elementary school students and younger children are free.

Date: September 27th Sunday - October 27th Sunday
Time: 9:00 -19:00 Entrance is at 18:30
Place: Aeon Mall Shimoda 2F Aeon Hall

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