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No.241 (8/9/13)

Welcome to the Humidity-Less Summer Paradise!

Yoko Fukuyama
Guest Writer

You definitely miss those dry hot summer days in the States. Yes, the heat is making us tired. Want to escape to a cooler land? Hokkaido is one of Japan's top summer destinations, and people say even the air tastes delicious. Hokkaido has a lot to offer. Here is some travel information for you.

It is a big urban city in harmony with beautiful nature.

Designed by Isamu Noguchi, it has several facilities including an artificial beach and a play mountain. Enjoy both biking and looking at the beautiful scenery.

Sapporo's most famous entertain district. Try some local food such as Jingis Kan (Chinggis Khan, ram BBQ). Ganso Ramen Yokocho (Ramen Alley) is in this area, too.

No entrance fee. Guided tours are available at this former beer factory. Taste different kinds of the original beer at low price.

Run by a popular cookie maker, Ishiya Seika. Sweets lovers must go. Cookie-making tours are available. Also check out the Candy Labo to see how to make their artistic candies.

60th SAPPORO NATSU MATSURI (summer festival)
Starts from July 19 to August 20, 2013. Held at Ohdohri Kouen Park downtown Sapporo. Bon Dance, local gourmet, beer garden (ends on Aug 15) etc. Ichiban Shibori Frozen [black] looks mouth-watering!

This recent hit dish is perfect for summer. Literally non-thick-curry soup is made with chunks of meat and veggies. Magic Spice is one of the famous restaurants.

A Jazz festival at several different spots in Sapporo. Listening to jazz at the outdoor stage should be relaxing for adults. From June 29 to August 28, 2013.

MISAWA-SAPPORO running twice a day by HOKKAIDO AIR SYSTEM only)
One way costs 16,000 JPY (early bird booking 28 days prior to departure) in August, and the fare will lower to 15,000 JPY for the same discount price in September!
SKYMATE (12 to 22 years old) discount fare is only 5,000 JPY by showing the official ID for the age validation as long as the seats are available! Japan Airline is no longer affiliated as a partner for mileage accumulation.

In 1850, the U.S. Navy Commondore Matthew Calbraith Perry arrived at the Hakodate Port. Since then, this area has been modernized and has attracted millions of tourists.

A beautiful star-shaped fort. Special historic site.

AKA RENGA SOUKO GUN (Red-brick warehouses)
Nice to stroll the Hakodate Bay front area for dine and shop. Stop by at the beer garden.

Ride the ropeway and observe the great view from the Hakodateyama Mountain. You can also enjoy hiking in the day.

Five-minute drive from Hakodate Airport takes you to this famous hot springs.. You can find a variety of accommodations and one-day spa facilities.
HAKODATE ASAICHI (morning market)
Fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, and dried food are sold here from 5 am. About 280 shops and diners.

Seafood, especially squid, is a must try. How about ika soumen (squid sashimi noodles)?

[Access to Sapporo City Center]
Airport shuttles run every 15 minutes between New Chitose Airport and downtown Sapporo. It takes about 70 minutes/ 1,000 JPY per person

JR Kaisoku Airport Rapid Trains go to Sapporo station every 15 minutes at peak times.
About 36 minutes/1,040 JPY per adult.
There are some kinds of JR Hokkaido excursion ticket, such as Central Hokkaido one-day pass (ends on August 18). Major car rental companies are available on the first floor. Take Dohoh HWY to Sapporo. If you want to try a sightseeing taxi, consult at the information desk at the airport.

[Popular souvenirs]
Potato snacks, such as Jaga Pokkuru by Calbee
Siroi Koibito by Ishiya Seika
Potato Chip Chocolate by ROYCE
Marusei Butter Sand cookies by Rokkatei
Yuubari melon jelly, pudding, and cheese cake have a good reputations.

[Rera Chitose Outlet Mall]
More than 400 shops with a dog run. You will find your favorite shop!
Open every day 10:00 ~ 20:00.
Access: Free shuttle busses runs between New Chitose Airport and the mall twice an hour. It takes about 10 minutes. Bus stops are No.28, 1, and 67 at the airport.
From downtown Sapporo to the mall, the bus fare is 1,000 JPY. However, you will get a 500 JPY discount coupon at the information desk when showing your voucher which you receive from the bus driver.

[Sightseeing Bus]
Half day double-decker tours provide the multi-lingual announcement system (English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese) starting from Sapporo Station bus depot. Hokkaido-Jingu shrine → Shiroi Koibito Park → Central Outdoor Market (lunch) 2,400 JPY / adult, 1,200 JPY / child. About 4 hours.


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