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No.240 (7/26/13)

The Insider's Picks: Summer Activities Everyone Should Do in TOHOKU!

*Go swimming at Misawa community pools.

There are two community pools in Misawa.
Misawa community heated pool.
Open: 10:00~21:00
Closed: Mondays
Fee: Adult 500 yen/ High school student 300 yen/ Junior high school student 100 yen
6 times ticket: Adult 2,000 yen/ High school student 1,500 yen/Junior high school student 500 yen
Younger junior high school students are free every Saturday.
Takinosawa Community Pool.
Open: June ? September 10:00 ? 21:00
Fee: Over high school student: 100 yen/ Younger junior high school student: Free
If water temperature is under 21 ℃ , they are closed.

+You have to wear a swimming cap at the both of the community pools.

*Misawa's Style BBQ

Do you know about Misawa's Style BBQ? It is when you can order many kinds of meat from a Misawa's Meat Shop (see below) and they deliver the meat AND a BBQ grill to wherever you want to have the BBQ party, to your house or even to a park where you are allowed to have BBQ parties in Misawa City . Not only Misawa's Meat Shops delivers the meat to your house, but also when your order is more than 5,000 yen, the BBQ grill is free. You just call and tell them how much meat you want (the amount of meat or how much money you can pay or how many people you are going to have at the BBQ party) and what time and place. If you want a BBQ grill, you must tell them that, too. They deliver all you need for the BBQ party. They also set up the BBQ grill and start the charcoal. You just grill the meat, eat and enjoy the BBQ party! After the BBQ party, they come and pick up grill. If the BBQ party will finish late at night, tell them and they will come to pick the grill up in the next day. You don't have to even wash it or clean it!

How fantastic Misawa's butchers are! Have fun and have a BBQ party in Misawa!

Meat Shops in Misawa

Miyaki 0176-53-2151

Niku no Nishidate 0716-53-2020

Iwama 0176-53-5210


*Japanese Shaved Ice

You have to try Japanese shaved ice during the summer. It is delicious! We have many festivals in the summer in Japan . At most of the festivals, there are many vendors along the street. At some of the venders they serve shaved ice. It is called “Kaki Gouri” in Japanese. They have many flavors: strawberry, melon, lemon, blue Hawaii , coke, orange and more. It is very tasty and fine chipped ice. You must eat it once during the summer!

*Digging Shijimi Clams at Lake Ogawara

There are so many small black clams in Lake Ogawara . It is called Shijimi Clam. They are good for soup or noodle soup with salt or miso. We in Japan eat Shijimi clams a lot. When you drink a lot and have a terrible headache, drink a cup of Shijimi soup. It is very good for a hangover. It is very easy to catch the Shijimi clams with a draining basket. But, catching the Shijimi clam is prohibited without fishing rights at Lake Ogawara . There is one place you can catch the Shijimi clam. It is called “ Ogawara Lake Mizube Hiroba.” It is located north-east of Lake Ogawara , near Hotoke Pond. Fee: Adult/ 500yen. The water temperature is good for playing in the lake and catching the clams!

*Watching Fireworks

Japanese fireworks are spectacular, bigger, more sophisticated, more colorful, more shapes and louder than any other country. The moment from setting off the firework till the firework appears is very short but I think you could feel Japanese fireworks the most in that short time. We have recommended that you should watch Japanese fireworks while you are in Japan . We have so many fireworks festivals and national fireworks competition in Japan . We'll introduce some fireworks festivals around Misawa going on this year.

Misawa Gyokou Festival
Date: September 1st
Time: Festival start at 9:30am
Fireworks start at 19:00
Place: Misawa Veedol Beach
Go Route 338 toward Hachinohe , you will see the sign “Misawa Gyoko” and make a left.

Tohoku Town Lake Festival
Date: July 27th
Time: Festival starts at 10:00am, fireworks start at 19:30
Place: Lake Ogawara Camping Site
Ahead of Lake Ogawara road-side station.

Towada Summer Festival
Date: August 14th
Time: 19:00-20:30
Place: Athletic field in downtown Towada City

Lake Towada Festival
Date: July 14th, 15th
Time: 20:00-
Place: Make a left onto Route 103 from Oirase Gorge at the Statue of Otome (2 ladies)

Japan National Fireworks Competition in Akita , Oomagari
This is the biggest Fireworks Competition in Japan .
Date: August 24th
Time: 17:30-, 18:50-
Place: Omono River in Daisen City
10 minutes from Omagari IC from Akita Express way/ 30 minute walk from Omagari Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line.

*Komaki Onsen Aomoriya

Aomoriya, Hoshino Resort is now offering great activities at the facility beside Komaki Onsen to enhance your summer. Some of these crafts include coating chopsticks, dressing up and fishing. You can contact the front desk to reserve your spot at any activity.

The traditional Aomori craft workshop

June 1st through August 31st
9:00 ? 12:00
Activity and Fees: Kingyo Neputa Paint, 2,000 yen (30minutes)
Tsugaru coating chopsticks, 2,500 yen (30minutes)
Apple Tree pin badge, 1,000 yen (20minutes)

* Kingyo Neputa is a paper craft, which is a gold fish shaped Neputa craft (a kind of symbol for Nebuta Festival) by using the Japanese paper, wax and paints.

Warahando (children) Yabusame
This activity involves dressing into Yabusame costume and aiming at the apple shaped target from the back of horse. This unique activity is absolutely a great summer memory.

August 1st through August 31st
15:00 ? 17:00 (Two runs every 30minutes)
Limited to two people, must be taller than 120cm
Fees: 2,000 yen per person

Jakko(small fish) Fishing
July 20th through September 30th
10:00 ? 17:00
Fee: 500 yen per pole including bait

Catch Kabutomushi ( rhinoceros beetles)
July 20th through August 18th
18:30 - (a day prior to catch) setting the trap
6:00 - catching beetles
Fee: 1,500 yen including an insect cage

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