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No.230 (2/22/13)

The 14th Misawa International Ice Festival

By Nao H Kauffman
Chief Editor

You and your family are invited to attend the 14th Annual Misawa City Ice Festival. Held on 10 Mar at the Misawa Ice Arena, this event is great for kids. In addition, it's a fantastic Sign-up is not requered prior to the day's festivities.

Date: March 9th Saturday
Place: Misawa Ice Arena
Fee: Free
Time: Sign-up starting@8:30

1.8:30 ? 9:10
Reception and Grouping

2. 9:15 ? 9:25
Opening Ceremony
*Speeches by :
*School Superintendent
*Misawa AB Commander
*Chairman of the Misawa City Council

3. 9:30 ? 9:35/ Warm-up Exercise
4. 9:40 ? 10:10/ Bowling on the Ice
5. 10:15 ? 10:50/ Dribble & Shot
6. 10:55 ? 11:20/ Relay Race on the Sled
Adult participation highly encouraged
7. 11:25 ? 11:45 Tug of War
Adult participation highly encouraged
8. 11:50 ? 12:00
Closing Ceremony
*Result announcement
*Participation Prize and Certificate *Closing

Ice Festival

Things to bring: gloves, winter boots(no spike), warm clothes, some yen for vending machine(if you need.)
Age group: 4-12 years old but there are some games whole family can paticipate in. Small children's play area is available.
Transportation: your own car. Please use free parking lot next to the ice arena.
For more information: Contact Misawa City Office or Ms. Miyuki Taneichi at Airman Family Readiness Center.

Ice Festival

Ice Festival

Ice Festival

Ice Festival

M.A.P. Brings Misawa Together

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

Misawa Access Publications (or M.A.P.) is a Nonprofit Organization that started in 2010. The company just recently got the ball rolling in October 2012 with monthly activities for both Japanese and American families. M.A.P. understands the important relationships between town development, community interactions and childcare. Also M.A.P. wants a place for families to mingle and share in some excitement. The Saturday events give parents and children the chance to meet and befriend other families from different cultures and upbringings but with very similar ideas for educational fun.

The M.A.P. events bring KinderJam, an entertaining, exciting, and high-energy Music and Movement program. KinderJam is a good activity for the community and for the children to bond over. KinderJam teaches children beginning English through exercising and high-energy music. KinderJam with Miss Margaret is a place where children can enjoy laughing, dancing, and having fun with their parents. Miss Margaret's KinderJam class is a great way to learn and reinforce the English language as well as bring a passion for learning. M.A.P. would like to help the community see all that KinderJam has to offer.

On these M.A.P. Saturday programs The Fun and Learning Center , an impressive English preschool and daycare, also provide different activities for families to join in. The Fun and Learning Center helps bring the children together with creative projects, thoughtful teachers and a place for children to socialize. Between the two programs, families can learn and grow together with a whole lot of enjoyment.

M.A.P. Activity Reporting:

October 20th 2012 M.A.P.'s first event KinderJam and Halloween Party.

Members had a 30-minute KinderJam session at the American village, twice and had some lunch at the Fun and Learning Center . After that the kids wore cute and cool costumes and paticipated in the parade and costume contest which was promoted by Misawa city. They had a good time and two of the children even won!

November 12th 2012 KinderJam and Culture Craft

Members had a 30-minute KinderJam session at The Fun and Learning Center . Following that they talked about culture and the different country flags. The children had a great time learning and more fun exploring!

December 15th 2012 KinderJam and Christmas Party

The Fun and Learning Center kids and parents joined with signed up members for an exciting KinderJam session and Christmas Potluck Party. They had a great lunch, received Christmas presents and took a picture with Santa! They were so happy lots of families shared in a great time.

January 19th 2013 KinderJam and Making Paper Puppets

Members had a 30-minute KinderJam session at The Fun and Learning Center . After that they made paper puppets for an upcoming play they will be performing in called The Mitten. The children enjoyed coloring and talking about their upcoming performance.

M.A.P. Activity schedule

*February 16th 2013 KinderJam and Puppet Show
*March 16th 2013 KinderJam and Easter Egg Hunt
*April 20th 2013 KinderJam and Rainforest Fun

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