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No.227 (1/11/13)

Buzzwords of 2012

By Emiko Sasaki
Staff Writer

In Japan, at the end of every year the Buzzwords of the Year are selected and announced by Jiyu Kokuminsha, a publisher that releases an encyclopedia featuring words that have made a social impact on the year. New words and phrases that spread widely are nominated by readers of the encyclopedia and the top ten are chosen by a committee.

The following is the list of the Buzzwords of the Year 2012:

First Place ワイルドだろぉ("Wairudo daroo”/ Isn’t it wild?)

This phrase is said by Sugi-chan who is a famous Japanese comedians. He is the most popular comedian in 2012. He is always wearing a denim vest and denim short pants. He shows how wild he is in his show and he says “Wairudo daroo” at the end of the show. Kids like his show and his phrase, so they use the phrase often.

Top 2-10 (in random order)

iPS細胞 ("iPS saibou"/ Induced pluripotent stem cells)

iPSCs were ?rst produced in 2006 from mouse cells and in 2007 from human cells in a series of experiments by Shinya Yamanaka's team at Kyoto University, Japan, and by James Thomson's team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Induced pluripotent stem cells, commonly abbreviated as iPS cells or iPSCs are a type of pluripotent stem cell that can make all the different cells in the body. This research has transformed the embryonic stem cell ethical dilemma.

維新 ("Ishin"/ Restoration)

The “Nihon Ishin no kai” (Japan Restoration Party) came forward this year as Japan’s only political party based outside of Tokyo. This political party founded the “Ishin Hassaku” or the Eight Policies of Restoration for Japan government, economy, welfare and education reform.

LCC ("LCC"/ Low Cost Carrier)

LCC is abbreviation of Low Cost Carrier. Major airline companies, JAL and ANA went into LCC to create cheaper tickets for travelers while expensing items like food, drinks and priority boarding. This year is referred to as the first year of LCC.

終活 ("Syuukatsu"/ Activities for the end of the life)

Preparation for the end of our life is something we want to do while we alive. Tetsuo Kaneko who is distribution journalist passed away when he was just 41 year-old. He prepared his wake, funeral, tomb and everything before he died.

第3極 ("Dai 3 kyoku"/ The third party)

Social Democratic Party of Japan has been the third party since 2004. They announced they are Dai 3 kyoku this year and that two party systems are going to collapse. Many political parties in power, including the Liberal Democratic Party is sluggish these day and the third party system is out to change that.

近いうちに・・・ ("Chikaiuchini”/ In the near future)

Former prime minister Noda announced “In the near future, I will question people about belief.” However public opinion sarcastically started saying “In the near future, his political group will be dissolved.”

てぶらで帰らせるわけにはいかない (“Teburade kaeraseruwakeniwa ikanai”/ We can’t let him go home with nothing.)

On the last day of London Olympic, before the 400‐meter medley relay, Takeshi Matsuda had a conversation with his teammates, Irie, Fujii for Kosuke Kitajima, a former Gold medalist in the Athens Olympics. Takeshi Matsuda said “Teburade kaeraseruwakeniwa ikanai.” At the moment, Kosuke Kitajima hadn’t received any medals in the London Olympics. The motivation that Takeshi Matsuda influenced with his saying led them to receive the Silver medal and a victory for Japan.

東京ソラマチ ("Tokyo Solamachi"/ Tokyo Sky Town)

Tokyo Solamachi is on the bottom of Tokyo Sky Tree. It is like a big maze. It has more than 300 of shops and restaurants, a planetarium and aquarium. It has foods from all over Japan and specialties not found anywhere else.

爆弾低気圧 ("Bakudanteikiatsu"/ Explosive development of bomb cyclone)

A bomb cyclone is a cyclone that is not found in tropical areas. Instead, it is found in places where the temperature, wind fronts and due point have reached crucial points. Scientists Jia Yigin and Zhao Sixiong studied the development of these cyclones in East Asia and the Paci?c West. These cyclones grow faster in the winter and bring heavy rain, heavy snow, strong winds and typhoons.

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