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No.217 (8/10/12)

Let’s Go! OGA!

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Aomori is very large to see it all with two beautiful mountains, Mt. Hakkoda and Mt. Iwaki and numerous numbers of lakes. You may visit Morioka for shopping and Kenji World. However, please do not forget Akita is also our neighbor, which shares partial part of Lake Towada with Aomori and Iwate. Oga Island in Akita is absolutely a hot place to visit during summer! Taking the toll road to Morioka and getting onto Route 46 takes you right by another nature spot, Lake Tazawa. Going through Kakunodate, which is well known for the beauty of cherry blossoms contrasting to the historical and classic Samurai housing, farther west to Akita city, you have to drive onto Route 13 and Route 101 or getting on another toll road to North West after Route 46. It is most likely three hour drive from Misawa, but worth visiting! Oga Island is a little secluded, but a divine destination enclosed by oceans on three sides. Oga Island offers seven attractive touristy areas as the map shows. Each area has unique attractions and distinctive features, oceans, mountains, ancient culture, and foods blending altogether.

1. Kanpuzan and Wakimoto Area
2. Oga Onsen (hot springs) Village
3. Cape Nyudo and a Light House
4. West Coast, Toga Area
5. Mayama Area (Namahage Spot!)
6. South Beach Area, Oga Train Station (999 steps Power Spot!)
7. North East Beach Area, Wakami and Miyazawa

Area 1
360 degree spinning observation deck
OPEN: Mid March through Early December, 8:30-17:30
Admission: Adult 500 yen, 9th grade and younger 250 yen, 5years old and younger free
Hiking, paragliding, a great drive route for breathtaking nature view and dazzling night lookout of Akita city!

Area 2
Free Namahage Drum Show (Tips are appreciated!)
Date: April 23 ? November 5, every Friday and Saturday
Place: Community Center “Gofuu” near Seiko Grand Hotel off the Route 56
Time: 20:30 - (about 40 minutes)

Click for their lively performance ( at our homepage!

Area 3
Dynamic Scenic Spot Located at 40 Degree North Latitude
Light house opens from May through October, 9:00 ? 16:00. 7th grade and older people pay 250 yen per person to enter the lighthouse.

Boat Ride to Look Under the Sea!
A boat leaves every thirty minutes from the port located below the lighthouse between late April and late October, running 9:00 ? 16:30.
Fees: Adult 1000 yen, 6th grade and younger 500 yen, 5years old and younger free

Area 4
Aquarium GAO
Hours: January ? October 9:00〜17:00
November ? February 9:00〜16:00
Please enter 30 minutes before the closing time.
Admission: Adult 1000 yen, 9th grade and younger 400 yen, 5 years and younger free

TOGA Beach
Free parking is available up to 50 vehicles. Enjoy lunch at the ocean view restaurant and visit the white bear, GOTA!

Boat Ride to Look Under the Sea!
A boat leaves every thirty minutes from the port by the aquarium. (closed on September 15 -17)
Fees: Adult 1000 yen, 6th grade and younger 500 yen, 5years old and younger free

Area 5
Power Spot, All about Namahage!
At the folklore museum, you can learn about the folklore Namahage legend and the belief. You experience the Namahage ritual at the Namahage museum. Get the combo tickets to explore both!
Hours: 8:30 -17:00 (All Year Around)

Area 6
9.99 meter-high Namahage Statue
Take a photo with the Oga’s symbolic statue overlooking the Japan Sea.
Climb 999 steps to visit the five shrines, which was the origin of the Namahage legend. About 200 meter-wide shallow shore shows up at low tide. The beach is chosen one of 100 beautiful beaches in Japan.

Area 7
The top quality beach in Akita
The large parking is available. Beautiful sandy beach and great for marine sports!
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Public Onsen:
Try delicious juicy local cantaloupes and pears! OGA island Coupons!
Contents of Coupons:
A. OGA aquarium, B. Oga Boat to see under the sea, C. Skypark at Kanpuzan D. Namahage Museum Gift Shop, E, Hotspring Oga, F. Hotspring WAO, G. Seafood Restaurant Ichirikiya, H. Seafood Market, Kaisenya, I, Restaurant Shogo, J, Restaurant Kaiyou, K. Restaurant Misaki Kaikan, L. Namahage Goden Restaurant and Gift Shop, M. Drive Inn Toudaisou, N. Shimano Ie Ramen Shop

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