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Hobby Shop Miura

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Writer

Radio controlled cars, parts and tools to accelerate your RC hobby; Miura Hobby Shop is definitely the right place to shop! Moreover, they also sell a variety of plastic models, air soft guns, toy rifle guns, and helicopters and trains parts.

When I walked into the shop for this interview, the store manager proudly showed me around the shop, which is simply organized from tiny parts to awesome R/C cars starter kits, etc. so you can easily find what you want because all of the items are neatly displayed. In the shop, they also have indoor mini-z race circuits. From April through the beginning December, as long as the winter weather permits, outdoor off-road and drift circuits are also available. On the third Sunday of the month they also run all sorts of racing. The sign-up due date is usually three days prior to the race event.

The entry fee is 1000 yen, and a second entry is another 500 yen. Please check the check-in times in advance. You can view the race schedules in Japanese at their web site and get the sign-up forms.

You can check their website from our homepage link at the bottom of our Sponsors’ links. You can also call or fax them, but email is probably the best way to contact them. (Email: If you have any problems, please feel free to contact The Insider for assistance. We will be honored to assist you.

Please include the following information on your sign-up sheet when you email.
Name and Sex
Phone Number
Model Name
Team Name
Entry Class M5 / M6 / FTC / ZERO / 2WD / 4WD
Your Radio Band 27Mhz or 40 MHz #___, 2.4GHz

Circuit Membership
3 months = 3,000 yen
6 months = 5,000 yen
12 months = 9,000 yen

Circuit Fees
Membership Discount Price: 100 yen per hour or 500 yen per day
Regular Price without membership: 200 yen per hour or 1,000 yen per day
Mini 4WD Circuit: 100 yen per hour

R/C Rental: 500 yen per 30 minutes

Notice: Any cars which have installed a real engine are not allowed to run due to the residential noise regulations. The model helicopters fly at a separate heliport near their shop.

Take Route 45 to Hachinohe City and turn right at SEGA in order to keep driving on Route 45. Turn right at RUIKE 1 Chome where you can see a big furniture store with a light green sign saying NANAO (ナナオ) Then, turn left onto Route 340. (You can see a small clinic over the intersection.) When you see Circle K, make a right onto Route 29. Then, you make a left at Hotel Grand Sanpia Hachinohe before Hachinohe I.C. Move forward till you see the Mini Stop and make a right. You will drive through a residential area and pass a Junior High School. Hobby Shop Miura comes up on your right and take a right at the sign, which is now facing you.

From the Shop Manager:
We also sell a variety of air paint spray guns for nail care use and great nail designs. Our customers and I are not fluent in English, but we are willing to share a fun time with whoever visits the shop or joins the events. Please feel free to talk to us. If you cannot find the items you are looking for, I am happy to find it or make a special order if it is available. Mini-Z starter kits are available from 12,000 yen up to 23,000 yen. It is simple, and you can start running it after the battery gets charged. For our one year opening anniversary, we offer a complimentary 6 months circuit membership for the customers who purchase one of the starter kits. We are also friendly to beginners. Please come visit us!


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