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Pizzeria Massimo and Lani Chicken

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

On April 11th, a new store opened in the Sky Plaza Misawa on the 1F called "Lani Chicken." Some people might know about Lani Chicken because the store used to be across from the Universe Supermarket. Lani Chicken reopened right next to Pizzeria Massimo so you can eat pizza and chicken at the same time and at the same place.

To begin with, do you know what Lani Chicken is? Lani Chicken comes from Hawaii. The owner loves Hawaii and has visited Hawaii many times. There are many chicken stalls everywhere in Hawaii and they are called "Huli-Huli" Chicken. Huli-Huli means spin or round in Hawaiian and the skewered and marinated chicken spins above a charcoal fire with many spices added. The owner of Lani Chicken wanted to serve it in Japan but, there were no Huli-Huli machines in Japan. So, he took a picture of a Huli- Huli machine, scaled it and ordered it! He also makes the marinated sauce and spices. He tried to make the chicken over and over until it was just right. I think he really respects the quality of his products.

He said this is the first place to start Lani Chicken in Japan! I tried the Lani Chicken and it was so delicious. The outside of the chicken is cooked just right and the inside is so soft and juicy. Also the original spices are so good that he uses on the chicken too. The owner said that the charcoal fire makes the chicken soft and confines lots of the juices to the chicken with its smoke.
When you have some leftover chicken, the owner told me some recipes you could use. One such recipe is chicken salad. Cut the leftover chicken and put on top of cut vegetables. The other recipe is chicken fried rice. Fry the chicken, steamed rice and other vegetables you want in a frying pan.

Not only chicken, but also the owner of Lani Chicken is the owner of the Pizzeria Massimo which serves Naples pizza. He has his own brick stone oven which he imported from Naples. The ingredients of his pizza are also imported from Italy, such as flour, cheese, salami, olive oil and tomato sauce but the vegetables are all from Misawa. Roll the dough out and put on tomato sauce, cheese, salami and so on and put it into the brick stone oven at 840 degrees F. The owner says the Salami Pizza seems to be the most popular pizza on the menu.

He worked at a famous pizza restaurant in Tokyo for four years and then opened his own restaurant in Misawa. He also studied about cafe coffee and has a Certificate of International Institute of Coffee Tasters. Italy is famous for espresso coffee and the owner really loves espresso. He has studied about cafe coffee and has imported an espresso machine, the coffee beans and the sugar from Italy. The coffee he serves is really made by Italy and is so good!
Pizzeria Massimo also has a cafe coffee menu which includes Espresso, Caramel Macchiato, Amerikano, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino and Ice Cafe Latte. I really like their coffee. Taste it and I think you will really like it too!
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GREAT news from the owner!
You can get free Focaccia (flat Italian bread) every Wednesday and Thursday's night with dinner at Pizzeria Massimo.

The owner hopes everyone will come and try his pizza and chicken.
Enjoy Pizza and Chicken at Pizzeria Massimo and Lani Chicken!!!

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