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Obara Bar

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As soon as you open the bar door, you hear rhythmical door chimes sounding in the little alley. Then, "Irasshaimase!" meaning "welcome," the staffs' energetic voices are easy on the ear.

I sit at the counter as usual, and my OBARA time begins. It is almost like coming to a different world as you shut out your everyday matters. When I do not feel well, or down, and fed up, I mellow out with their special drinks and the special atmosphere, taking my mind off.

Needless to say, it would be a blissful moment when I am having a great day.

Obara Bar makes a special cocktail fitting your mood and what you like.
That is no wonder. However, the special cocktail that Mr. Obara creates is hard to describe say a single word. Beside his great knowledge about liquors and alcohols, he accentuates something special - "Humanness."

His special cocktail gets most out of what he earned, not only creating a pretty cocktail. After all, the more you have his drinks, the more you enjoy his humanity in the special drink.

Mr. Obara is a young owner, who won cocktail competitions in Hachinohe.

In this January, I visited the fifth Hachinohe competition trial heat. It was my first time to quizzically observe the competition. Several bartenders mainly from Hachinohe showed off their gallant techniques and brought their original unique atmospheres into the site as audiences drawn to all-in-one. The ambience pleasantly found in our hearts.

Mr. Obara's turn came around.
I felt his unusual tension as soon as I saw his face, which he never shows at his bar at first. He looked small although he has a large figure. Nevertheless, as soon as the match started, his facial expression started changing because he started creating his unique world. Rhythmically and delicately he took his steps as if he was measuring his tempo, the audience including me were just impressed by his work without regard to the competition. The cocktail "Southern Light ~Antarctica~" titillating blue color was a pleasant surprise because it is totally different from the impression that I have for him.

Once I tasted the cocktail, it stunned me again. Not only bitterness, but something different from the cocktail's image, I noticed more afterwards. That is his humanness.

Relieving from the tension, Sweating Mr. Obara was like a passionate Enka singer after finishing his stage show. Although I tried to be more reserved for such an unordinary experience, I could not help enjoying the drinks that I normally do not order. I also tried other competitors' drinks; all were hard to judge and all gave uniqueness.

The competition was almost over, and it was time to call for results. When the judge called his name, I sobered up from a buzz.

This coming Sunday, the final will be held at Hachinohe Grand Sunpia. I would like him to exert himself and keep creating his style as I believe in him.

Just a cocktail, but still it is special.
There is a moment that a bartender creates and unites with a customer. At Obara Bar, everyone deeply admires his style and the atmosphere. It is not being alcoholic; in other words, you cannot resist being "Obaraholic."

In Misawa, Obara Bar is an authentic and precious cocktail bar. Mr. Obara puts peculiar tastes and creates his styles as I understand who he is. Customers enjoy the bar and cherish as their favorite place, including me.

Let's explore more cocktails next time!

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