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ゆるキャラ:Yuru chara

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

"Yuru chara" is an abbreviation of the Yurui mascot character; in other words, a Yuru chara mascot is adorable and loved by everyone. Literally, Yurui means loose or floppy. It is used for PR events, kinds of campaigns and development projects in the area. A mascot has to be costumed and made by national or local governments or other public agencies.

There are three clauses below.
1.It has to have strong love for its hometown.
2.It has to unpredictably move as character's mode of behavior.
3.It has to be loose and beloved.

They had a Yuru chara grand prix in 2011. We had seven entries for yuru chara mascots in Aomori. I will introduce them to you, and explainYuru chara top 10.
・Takamaru kun
Hirosaki city is famous for Hirosaki castle and hawks. Takamaru unites Hirosaki castle and hawks.
・Tsuyu yakisoban
This is from Kuroishi city. Kuroishi is known for Tsuyuyakisoba. They put Tsuyuyakisoba on B-1 Grand Prix, a local food convention every year like Hachinohe Senbei jiru. Have you tried one? If not, try one.
・Oira kun
Oira kun is from Oirase cho next to Misawa city as you know. Oira kun is image character of Oirase cho. He is cute!
・Takko ouji
Do you know about Takko garlic? Garlic is largest product in Aomori. Especially, Takko garlic is bland. Takko garlic festival is held every October at Takko town. You might enjoy it with garlic.
・Hokkina, Hokkinosuke
They are from Misawa city. Have you seen them before? They are promoting Misawa Hokki Don. Hokki is a surf clam. Don is a dish that something on top on the rice. Hokki Don is surf clam on top on the rice. You can eat different type of Hokki Don at a restaurant in Misawa.
This is a character of the Aoi mori railway.
This is a driving school mascot. He is studying safe driving and trying to live safe with cars.

Yuru chara Top 10 in 2011
1.Kumamon (Kumamoto pref.)
2.Pary-san (Ehime pref.)
3.Nishiko-kun (Tokyo)
4.Yoichi-kun (Tochigi pref.)
5.Hachimaru (Aichi pref.)
6.Fukka-chan (Saitama pref.)
7.Momomaru-kun (Fukuoka pref.)
8.Yanana (Gifu pref.)
9.Takinomichi yuzuru (Oosaka)
10.Reruhi-san (Niigata pref.)

Yuru chara homepage: You can see the nation's Yuru chara on this sight. Choose your Yuru chara. Enjoy!!

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