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Buzzwords of the Year 2011

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

In Japan, every end of the year the Buzzwords of the Year are selected and announced by Jiyu Kokuminsha, a publisher that releases an encyclopedia featuring buzzwords. New words, phrases, and those that spread widely during the year that well represent the social conditions are nominated by readers of the encyclopedia and the top ten are chosen by the committee.

The following is the list of the Buzzwords of the Year 2011:

Grand prix
なでしこジャパン("Nadeshiko Japan") - The nickname of the Japan national football team, those players are the best players in Japan who historically won the FIFA world cup in German on July 17, 2011 for the first time. The captain, Homare Sawa won the MVP. Nadeshiko Japan were presented to the People's Honor Award in August and cheered the whole nation after the Tohoku Region's Natural Disaster.

Top 2-10 (in random order)
絆 ("Kizuna"/ Bond, Tie) −The unprecedented disasters on record in the Tohoku Regions made people realize the importance of people's strong bonding. For the immediate and long-run reliefs, not only elevating the awareness of support and cooperation, people tried to highly esteem community bond.

スマホ ("Sumaho"/ Smart Phone) − After Apple's iPhone series became popular, Android by Google and other various product line-ups came into wide use.

どじょう内閣 ("Dojou Naikaku"/ Weather Fish Cabinet) − At top democrat race, Noda Yoshihiko, the current prime minister in Japan, made a speech by quoting from a poplar poet, Mistuo Aida, "Dojougasa, Kingyo no manesurukoto nendayona./どじょうがさ、金魚のまねすることなんだよなぁ。" It means "Weather fish has no need to imitate gold fish." After all, he won the race by convincing fans with his unspectacular, but scrupulous politics.

どや顔 ("Doyagao"/ Proud Face) − Doya is a Kansai dialect, which means "How about this?" It sounds more like "Am I great?" by showing how proud you are. Many comedians on TV popularly used the description.

帰宅難民 ("Kitaku Nanmin"/ Victims unable to return home) −Because of 311 and public transportation cancellation, about five million people got troubled and were unable to return home in/from Tokyo.

こだまでしょうか ("Kodamadeshouka/ Is it echoing?) − It was one of Advertising Council, which broadcasted television commercial's phrase right after the Tohoku Region's Natural Disaster. The poem was used from the female poet from the Meiji Period, Misuzu Kaneko.

3.11 (Three one one) ‐ This was named for the Tohoku Region's Natural Disaster after 911, the terrorist attack on September 11 in the United States.

風評被害 ("Fuuhyou Higai"/ Harmful rumor) ‐After 311, Fukushima Nuclear Plant accidents caused a lot of damages by harmful rumor or misinformation and negatively affected the Japanese economy and those evacuees from Fukushima restricted areas and people from the surrounding areas.

ラブ注入 ("Love Chuunyu"/Love infusion) − Massage practitioner and comedian, Tanoshingo, his characteristic choreography, which turns around by hopping and saying three times "Dodoscoscosco" and creates a heart shape in front of his chest and giving you out "Love infusion." His queer character and friendliness became popular from young children to adults.

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