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No.194 (8/26/11)

Breeze into Japanese at Michinoku International Japanese Education Center (MIJEC)

By Akiko Furukawa
Guest Writer

Have you ever thought 'what did you say?' or ‘How should I say something?’ to Japanese? Have you ever wanted to be able to understand and speak Japanese?

We have people who support such an endeavor: they're members of Michinoku International Japanese Education Center (MIJEC), an organization that supports Japanese language education to foreigners who're living in the area around Hachinohe-City. MIJEC's main activities are short & long term Japanese Classes in Hachinohe, and also Japanese lessons for a foreign students at Japanese School etc…

MIJEC's major highlight is Japanese Classes every Tuesday night from 6:30 pm, at Hachinohe Fukushi Kouminkan. This class runs continuously throughout the year and has approximately 50 students from Hachinohe, Misawa, and other local areas. Classes are divided into five levels from beginners (Class 1) to advanced (Class 5). With each session lasting two hours and covering basic grammars, sentences structure, reviews, and game time and group work to emphasize each lesson and make it more fun! Of course, there are conversational practices during sessions, and students have to try making conversation with what they know so they'll be able to learn Japanese step by step!!

This Japanese class is open for everybody whom Japanese is their second language. So, you'll see lot of nationalities in MIJEC's Japanese class, and Japanese is the predominant language at classroom, therefore, MIJEC uses the direct method: Teaching the Japanese language by using Japanese. It sounds difficult for beginners, but there is also available additional support by English at beginner's classes, like the teacher conducts classes with mainly Japanese and supportively using with English or Chinese words. So, even the first level students can feel comfortable.

Another advantage of the MIJEC Japanese Class is that they provide continuous classes, and the classes are divided by 5 different levels. Therefore, students can make long term study plan, and also be able to progress with the classes by choosing the most appropriate level according to their progress. It's easy to make your own study plans in the most effective way.

Of course, MIJEC provides other fun things to members other than classes. MIJEC periodically schedules seasonal event, such as Peach Picking, Cooking Class, and Yukata Dressing Class at Summer Festival etc… You can experience Japanese and local cultures thru those special events. Also, by spending fun time together with teachers and classmates, it helps your motivation and interest in Japanese language class!! MIJEC's next special event is fresh ‘Soba’ making class in November.

The new MIJEC Japanese Class semester just started from September. Of course, students can start the class anytime during the semester, and even if it's in the middle of the term, if a student needs to move to another class to match their level, they can move at any time. Also, if you miss a class due to your work schedule or for any reason, don't worry, teachers are supportive in individual situation. MIJEC is always open for student's request, so they will support your study plan.

Come to MIJEC Japanese Class where your dream of becoming a Japanese speaker will come true, and you can enjoy Japanese life more and more!!

MIJEC 日本語講座 問い合わせ先:

明日山 幸子
Email npo-mijec-jimukyoku(at)
Tel 080-6026-3109
馬場 亜紀子
Email npo-mijec(at)
Tel 080-6051-3109

Point of Contacts (English speakers) for MIJEC Japanese Class @ Hachinohe Fukushi Kouminkan
Michinoku International Japanese Education Center (MIJEC)

Ms. Sachiko Akebiyama
Email npo-mijec-jimukyoku(at)
Tel 080-6026-3109
Ms. Akiko Baba
Email npo-mijec(at)
Tel 080-6051-3109










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