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No.184 (3/25/11)

Cafe Matiere IKEZAKI at MG Plaza

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Staff at Ikezaki Last year, the cafe, IKEZAKI was newly opened inside MG plaza building, which is located by the main gate of Misawa air base. This shop is actually the second branch of IKEZAKI, which is more specialized in cafe menus and services. In the October 24th edition, 2008 of The Insider, I introduced the original bakery shop in Horiguchi area in Misawa city, which is produced by the bakery chef, Kota Ikezaki. Please see the details here. The bakery shop still sells fine gourmet fresh bakery goods, which use highly-selected ingredients.

Pastries Certainly, some of the bakery items are also available at this new cafe; what is more, the new shop now offers additional baking items such as baked doughnuts, chocolate cake and melba toast etc. The cafe is run by patissier, Sho Ikezaki, who is a younger brother of the first shop owner. He also traced his older brother's roots and got himself into a cooking school in Sapporo city. At the interview, he genially smiled and opened up how naturally he was influenced by his older brother even though he was not dexterous as much as his brother. He studied cooking for two years and specialized in sweets. Later on, he sufficiently trained himself in the cake shop for three years in Sapporo city whereas his older brother also earned great bakery experiences in Sapporo city and returned home in order to open up his own bakery shop. Before opening the cafe, he worked with his brother together for a year and quickly learned bakery techniques in order to prepare for the opening. Most of the bakery items are baked at the first shop and delivered to the new cafe. Sho Ikezaki uses a special oven for baking sweets and freshly bakes his special items daily. He also assists his brother in baking 20% of their lineups at his cafe, but they divide their jobs as particular recipes and processes.

Pastry with Coffee Another selling point of the new cafe is that you can enjoy genuine Italian coffee such as espresso, cappuccino, blend coffee, and also a variety of sandwiches including salmon, roast beef, smoked duck meat etc. Their unique item is a set of curry soup with fresh baked nun bread. These items are now available only at the new cafe in the MG plaza since the original shop more focuses on striving to increase bakery items. You may also request the staff to warm up your purchased items. It takes only a couple of minutes to reheat in the oven. If you visit there, I would strongly recommend a new flavor tea called mashmarrow tea latte. You pick your choice from peach, apple, strawberry, or blackcurrant. The staff makes the special latte with the high quality steamer machine and adds a whole mashmallow on top. It is absolutely perfect for a cold day in Misawa.

The new owner, Sho Ikezaki told us he enjoys interacting with his customers and would like to learn great ideas and challenge something new. He also wishes the facility holds more lively events and amuse visitors. He is willing to work harder and be more involved in revitalization of Misawa city.

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