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No.175 (11/12/10)

KidZania -- a Land of the Kids, by the Kids, for the Kids

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Little firemen at KidZania After about four months of family separation due to military deployment, our family vacation finally has come. On September 25, we drove down to Tokyo for our children’s dream vacation -- Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea which everybody knows as the largest travel destination in Japan. Certainly, our children's faces were lite up with big smiles in such a dream world. However, my goal wasn't to go there. I was keener to take my family to another world called KidZania Tokyo. KidZania Tokyo offers children a variety of fun and working activities in a realistic city setting. Occupational activities such as a pilot, photographer, chef, or travel agent are mostly sponsored by real well-known brands, allowing children to learn about over 90 jobs and experience these activities with realistic results. KidZania was originally developed in Mexico in 1999, and is now opened in Mexico City, Monterey, Jakarta, Seoul, Lisbon, Dubai, Santiago, India, Bangkok, Shanghai, Cairo, Kuala Lumpur, and Sao Paulo. After opening the first Japanese KidZania in Tokyo, now Koshien in Osaka has became available. The facilities are located in a large shopping center called URBAN DOCK Mitsui Shopping Park -- LaLaport

KidZania Tokyo
Access by Train:
8 minutes by foot from Toyosu Station on the Yurakucho and Yurikamome lines
Access by Car:
Approximately 1 km from the Toyosu exit off the Shuto Expressway #10 Harumi line
  Approximately 1 km from the Edagawa exit off the Shuto Expressway#9 Fukagawa line
*Park your car at LaLa Port parking North Port. KidZania is on the third floor.

Hours: Mostly open all year excluding their maintenance days.
1st Shift: 9AM-3PM (Six hours)
2nd Shift: 4PM-9PM (Five hours)

Admission (Internet reservation is required and available up to four month prior)
Adults (16 and older): 1,900 yen
Children (3-15 years old): Weekday 1st Shift: 3,800 yen / 2nd Shift: 3,200 yen
Holiday 1st Shift: 4,400 yen / 2nd Shift: 3,500 yen
STAR FLEX PASS (Two hours between 4PM-7PM)
Adult: 1,000 yen (500 yen for every additional 30 minutes)
Children:1,500 yen (250 yen for every additional 30 minutes)
Call 03-3536-2100 for reservations and inquiries.

- Toddlers (Ages 0-2) can enter for free, but cannot participate in activities.
- Adults must enter with at least one child (3-15y/o), and children must enter with at least one adult.
- Children's admission includes participation in all pavilions.
- Admission is good for only one shift.
- Special discounted admission are offered for children with disabilities.

Each pavilion offers activities with different ranges of difficulty to meet each child's abilities and interests. The recommended starting ages are clearly shown at each pavilion. (Some of the pavilions may have height requirement for their special jobs.) At two-thirds of their actual size, all facilities are designed to be just the right size for children. After learning about a job they have chosen, and being given a specific task, children change into a real uniform and start working! After their work is finished, the children are actually paid for their work in KidZos, the official currency of KidZania. Recognized at every KidZania location throughout the world, KidZos are used to buy products and services. The more they work, the more they earn, and the more they can try many things. In fact, after your internet reservation, you should check in at the KidZania counter as if you are flying out. The attendant will issue a check of 50 KidZos with a map and a sheet of job schedules for each child and give all the visitors security wrist bands and admission tickets just like boarding passes. Early check-in is accepted from 10:15am till 3pm for the second shift only. You have to show a copy of your printed confirmation and the credit card that you used for the payment or a photo ID. Then, the attendant will give you a time card for your waiting line.

Little firemen at KidZania What You Can Do:
- Pilot/Cabin Attendant
- Hamburger Shop
- Deigns School
- Cooking Studio
- Food R&D Center
- Bottling Plant
- Sweets Factory
- Science Lab
- Bakery
- Fire Zone
- TV Station
- Theater for models, parade performers, comedians, magicians etc.
- Ice Cream Shop
- Fashion Boutique
- Magic Studio
- Pizza Shop
- Interior Design Studio
- Construction Zone
- Police Department
- Courthouse
- Car Design Studio
- Car Rental
- Department of Motor Vehicles
- Car Life Support Center
- Car Wash
- Gas Station
- Courier Service
- Security Center
- Bank
- Barber Shop
- Fire Department
- Flower Shop
- Stamp Shop
- Art Supply Shop
- Juice Stand
- Hospital for Surgery Room, Ophthalmic Surgery Room, Nursery, Emergency Room, or Pharmacy, etc.
- Newspaper Edition
- Photo Studio
- Department Store
- Electronic Money Center
- Building Maintenance / Climbing Building
- Dental Clinic
- Cellular Phone Shop
- Travel Agency
- Electric Power Company
- Beauty Salon
- Job Information Center
- City Tour Bus
- KidZania Forest
- Urbano's House for Toddlers
- Publishing Company
- Veterinary Clinic
- Invention Workshop
- Printing Company
- Music Studio
- Securities Company
- Music Studio
- Sports Club
- City Clock
- Radio Station
- Football Stadium
- Toy Lab
- Business Card Shop
- Pen Shop
- Watercolors Shop

Once you enter KidZania, children can sign up for the first job by showing the job schedule sheet. As a preparation, children may change into the uniform and receive job instructions from supervisors called as “Zupervisors” while waiting. When the KidZania theme song begins, all the stores open. After the first job, children get paid in KidZos. Job time duration, pay amount, and number of workers are clearly shown at each pavilion. Some of the pavilions may require children to wait for the next slot by keeping them on the children's bench; on the other hand, others may let children sign up for another job and tell them to come back at a certain time by checking the job schedule sheet. At some of the pavilions, children can also participate in the activity as customers by paying KidZos. Most of the pavilions will not allow adults to enter, but they can observe the activities through the windows or in the town. If children (seven years old) are independent and old enough to manage their schedules on their own, adults can relax at the second floor lounge. There are drinks, TV, free internet etc. Moreover, if parents or sponsors sign an agreement and leave their contact phone number before you enter the land, they are also allowed to temporally exit KidZania and enjoy shopping or dining at the mall. For security reasons, children must be accompanied with their sponsors by scanning their wrist bands together when they want to leave the land. Re-entrance is not permitted during the shift for children. Believe it or not, the hours fly by very quickly by observing how children learn about society through work and activities. As children build on more experiences by making their own choices, they develop independence, social skills, and a sense of monetary value. The “Zupervisors” are on hand and well trained to support children accomplish their tasks as they work and have fun. Their professionalism and training have earned KidZania a high level of trust as a facility where children can enjoy themselves and become more independent.

A note to English-speaking Guests Please be aware that the English@Kidzania program is intended to help Japanese children practice English as a foreign language using simple phrases and vocabulary. Currently, there are no activities conducted only in English. However, most of the activities at KidZania can be enjoyed without Japanese abilities, and where possible, accommodations for English speaking guests are made to ensure that the Kidzania experience is enjoyable for all. (Courtesy information of

All the information is available in English at their website. Just click Tokyo or Koshien for your visiting plan. Then, click English above the site.

- Make your reservations on a weekday second shift to avoid groups on field trips on weekdays or busy times on weekends or holidays.
- Use the early check-in service for the second shift so that you may enter the land before 4pm and give children enough time to choose their first job.
- Eat a good meal outside the land before children start working. No time or breaks for them if they want to complete a lot of jobs.
- Pick a food-related job. Children get paid and may also get free samples!
- Try to visit the bank and open up an account between jobs. Children will receive their special wallet as a gift and an ATM card.
- Stamp shop, fashion show, or stage magic will give you creation after working.
- Professional photos are taken at certain jobs, or you may also request the KidZania photographer to capture your picture. The photos for purchase are displayed by the entrance.
- Bring books or portable games. They are very useful while waiting.

慨訳:キッザニア −子供の、子供による、子供のための国

9月に家族で東京のキッザニアに行ってきた。そこでは、楽しい職業体験がリアリティーにあふれた町で体験できる。90種類以上の職種がある。1999年にメキシコでできてから、世界の主要都市で展開されている。 (以下の、行き方、開園時間、入場料の訳は省略)





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