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No.242 (8/23/13)

Summer! Cool Dessert Grapefruit Gelee

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

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Hot summer is almost over in Misawa. When you lose some of your appetite, chilled desserts are great for your snacking. "Gelee" is a French word that means jelly or jello for the American snack. "Gelee" is pronounced 'zhe le' (the zhe is like the 's' in measure, and 'le' is like the 'le' in 'let' but carried a little longer; the accented or strong syllable is 'zhe'. You can make gelee with fruits and vegetables by using gelatin. Let's try making a summer dessert.

Ingredients (serving 6):
One large grapefruit
2 and a half cups water including grapefruit
1/3 cup granulated sugar
12g gelatin powder
Mint leaves

How to Make:
1.Peel grapefruits and remove all the fruits from the inside.
2.Mix the chunks with water to make two and a half cups. Set aside and save the rest of the chunks.
3.Heat the water with chunks in the pot and add sugar. Then, add the gelatin powder and mix it well. Remove from the heat immediately.
4.Pour the gelee mixture into each serving dish (six dishes). Place each dish into iced water in a cake pan to cool down quickly. Then, spin the dishes in the iced water in order to make the gelee very soft and jelly-like.Add the rest of the grapefruit chunks on top of the gelee with mint leaves.You can also freeze the gelee and serve as sherbet.
Enjoy the rest of your summer with a cool dessert!

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