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No.239 (7/26/13)

Cucumber Garlic Tuna

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

(Recipe adapted from

During the hot summer, I would like you all to try Japanese fresh cucumbers. Unlike American cucumbers, Japanese cucumbers are thinner and crunchier with a crisp sweet taste, and are more easily digestible with no ‘burp'. The Japanese say these cucumbers cool the body which is why they are so popular in the summer, and they prepare these cucumbers in many different and tasty ways. Here is one recipe to make a simple and quick appetizer using these crispy, tasty cucumbers:

Ingredients (serving 4):

Four medium cucumbers, thoroughly washed, tips cut off


One can tuna packed in water

One tablespoon minced garlic

One tablespoon Japanese Ponzu Sauce*

One teaspoon sesame oil

One tablespoon garlic powder

How to Make:

•  First, slice the across the cucumbers into very thin circles. Sprinkle salt over the sliced cucumbers, mix well, let sit for a few minutes, then wash with cold water in a colander and then squeeze the water out of all the cucumber slices by scooping the slices into your hands and compressing them until the water stops draining, then set aside.

•  Drain the water out of the can of tuna and mix with all the ingredients together in a bowl.

•  Add the cucumbers, mix well. You can serve with rice or toast.

*PONZU is a sauce made from citrus (usually lemon juice), rice vinegar, and soy sauce. You can make your own by mixing equal amounts of these three ingredients, or go the easy way and pick some up at the supermarket.


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