Insider's Kitchen

No.237 (6/14/13)

Mackerel Carpaccio

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

(Adapted from

It is finally getting warmer in Misawa. Aomori offers a lot of fresh seafood in each season. In fact, mackerel is very seasonal from May to July. You will find fresh sushi going around on the conveyers at restaurants such as Kappa Sushi near McDonald's. This dish is a great choice for an appetizer and good with a glass of white wine and French bread. Preparation is very simple.

Ingredients (servings 3):

Three mackerels (sashimi sliced)
A:Three tablespoons olive oil, Half a teaspoon herbal salt, Half a teaspoon soy sauce, Coarsely crushed pepper, Caper
Quarter cup of chopped green onions
Sliced green perilla

•  Make dressing with “A” and put the sliced mackerel on a plate.
•  Add the green onion and green perilla on top
•  Pour the mixed dressing over the sliced mackerel.
Serve chilled. Enjoy!

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