Insider's Kitchen

No.234 (4/12/13)

Chicken and Bamboo Shoots

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Bamboo shoots are very seasonal in spring. The Japanese people visit bamboo forest in the mountain and find them by digging them out. The ones which obviously stick out of the ground are too old to eat. So, they have to look closely to the ground and find the top peeking out the ground. You can purchase pre-cooked vacuum packed ones from local stores or easy cooking. The bamboo shoots are very crispy and have a simple sweet taste.

Ingredients (serving 2-3):

One large boiled bamboo shoot
A deep fried tofu
A half pound chicken thigh
A tablespoon salad oil
Two tablespoon sake
Two tablespoon sugar and more
One tablespoon soy sauce
3/4 cup water
Green onion

1.Boil the deep fried tofu for a few minutes to remove the oil and chop it into six pieces. Chop the boiled bamboo shoot into three pieces, top, middle, and bottom parts.
2.Since the bottom part is a little harder, chop into a smaller size and cut by larger size at the top.
3.Put oil in the frying pan and quickly fry the chicken and bamboo shoots. Then, add water, sake, sugar, and the deep fried tofu.
4.At last, add soy sauce and cook for ten minutes with the lid on and high heat till the juice absorbed. Serve on the plate with green onion topping.
Enjoy the dish with cooked white rice!

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