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No.232 (3/22/13)

Two Easy Recipes using Enoki Gouri (frozen enoki mushroom cubes)

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Learn about Enoki Gouri and how to make them in this edition's “Check It Out.”
You can add the frozen cubes into any of your favorite recipes and take advantage of the great nutritious qualities of this gourmet item.

Avocado Enoki Gouri Soup

Adapted from

Ingredients (serving 4):

One Avocado

Two Enoki Gouri cubes

One and a quarter cup of milk



1.Peel skin of avocado and chop the avocado into adequate size for a blender.

2.Add the chopped avocado, the frozen enoki cubes and milk

3.Turn on the blender and add pepper for your preference.

Bonito Flakes Mayo Dressing

Adapted from

Ingredients (serving 2-3):

Two Enoki Gouri

A half teaspoon of Katsuo (bonito) powder

A pinch of chicken broth powder

One tablespoon mayonnaise

Dried bonito flakes (katsuo bushi)


1.With microwave at 600 watts, defrost the enoki gouri cubes for a minute and a half. Then, add the powders and mix them well when the broth is warm. Cool it off.

2.Add mayonnaise and the bonito flakes and mix them well. Enjoy with your salad or vegetable sticks!

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