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No.229 (2/8/13)

Decorated Pocky! (デコ ポッキー!)

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

Add a little extra to a regular treat as a unique, fun and inexpensive gift this Valentine's Day.

Pocky is a popular biscuit-like stick snack that gets covered in chocolate and strawberry shell. These can be found at grocery stores. You can decorate original Pocky quickly and easily. This treat is good for every holiday including: Valentine's day, Halloween, Chiristmas and more! Decorated Pocky is a unique gift for your friends, family, and lover this Valentine's day.


•  Pocky (dipped in the flavor you want to use)
•  Some decoration you may want.
For example: cereals, M&M's chocolate, chocolate chips, marshmallow, frosting, sprinkles, etc.


1.Warm up Pocky using a pan on a low heat to melt down the coated chocolate. (Note: you just want it a little softer not entirely melted off)
2.When the coated chocolate is softened, stick your decorations on the Pocky sticks.
3.Allow the Pocky to cool down until the chocolate is hardened.
(Note: This unique idea would also work well with chocolate covered pretzels and other chocolate covered snacks.)
That's it! You can give cute Pocky to your lovers!


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