Insider's Kitchen

No.228 (1/25/13)

Temaki Zushi (Sushi Wrap)

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

New Years is over, but we still want to eat a good Japanese dish. I want to introduce Temaki Zushi to you today. It is easy to make and great for a party!


180cc (3/4cup × 3) of rice (for 3 people)
60cc of vinegar
60g of sugar
1tbsp of salt
5-10 sheets of seaweed
Salmon/raw 1pk
Tuna/raw 1pk
10-20 shrimp
1 whole avocado
Cooked egg
Fish cake


1. Cooked rice with rice cooker or in something else.
2.Pour the vinegar into a pan and heat. When the vinegar gets warm put the sugar and salt into the pan and mix well.
3. Place the cooked rice into a bowl and pour the soup you made in No.2 and mix well. Let it cool down.
4. Slice all the ingredients into strips.
5. Cut a piece of seaweed into 4 pieces.
6. Place a thin strip of rice in the center of the seaweed.
7. Add your choice of favorite items.
8. Wrap them up and eat with soy sauce. Enjoy!


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