Insider's Kitchen

No.227 (1/11/13)

Hakusai and Daikon Soy Milk Soup
(Chinese Cabbage and Daikon Radish)

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

In the northern area of Japan, a variety of fresh vegetables can be limited in winter. However, with the cold weather outside, houses may have some vegetables stored in cool locations to stay fresh. Chinese cabbages, daikon radish, nagaimo potato are some of the kinds you find around here. Let’s us grab these vegetables and make a delicious soup to get through this winter!


10 pieces Chinese cabbage
1 inch thick daikon radish
1 whole onion
Whole corns 1/3 cup (canned/frozen)
2 strips bacon
3 sausages
Graded garlic
2 cups soy milk
Consomme cube
1 teaspoon of chicken stock
1 quarter teaspoon of oyster sauce

1.Slice bacon to 1/2 inch width. Cut sausages, Chinese cabbage, onion, daikon radish.
2.In a large pot, lay Chinese cabbage, garlic, half of the rest of vegetables and bacon, sprinkle pepper, and redo the same in order. At last, cover the top with the rest of Chinese cabbage.
3.Add consomme cube, chicken stock, and oyster sauce, and then pour soy milk into the pot.
4.Put the sausage on top and boil with low heat. Keep the lid covered until the vegetables get softened. Scoop the ingredients from the bottom of the pot and mix well before you serve.


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