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No.223 (11/9/12)

Beef Stew

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

The Japanese curry is probably a very popular dish. How to make curry with the mix is not so hard. If you go to the local supermarket, you will see cream stew mix and beef stew mix on sale during the cold season. Beef stew is more like beef pot roast. I like to change the instant recipe and enhance it to be more delicious. The stew is not as spicy as curry, so younger children will love the taste!

Ingredient (serving 8):
・One stew mix
・1.5 pound pot roast beef (shoulder steak)/barayaki beef
・Two medium onions
・Two potatoes → a whole can of kidney beans drained
・One carrot
・One package Shimeji mushrooms
・One tablespoon salad oil or butter
・1/4 cup vinegar
・1 cup red wine
・3 cups water
・Fried onion/whip cream for topping
・Steamed rice/French Bread

Beef Stew Ingredient

1. Heat the oil in a large deep pot.
2. Fry the meat on high and add the vinegar.
3. Add the red wine and lower heat to medium.
4. Cook onion together, and then add carrots and shimeji.
5. Pour water and boil everything together on medium low for 20 minutes.
6. Add kidney beans and turn off the heat in order to put in the stew mix.
7. Stir well until the mix gets melted.
8. On low heat, cook for another 15 minutes.

Beef Stew

Beef Stew


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