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No.218 (8/24/12)

Shio Kouji ( 塩麹 ) Raised Malted Rice/A Traditional Japanese Seasoning

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

Shio Kouji became a big hit throughout Japan for use in healthy cooking. As a matter of fact, the seasoning is made from malted-rice, salt and water, then mixed and raised for several hours. It was a traditional seasoning used in order to keep vegetable and fish fresh and it also enhances flavors. Nowadays, you can apply the seasoning as a marinating for great flavor. A lot of recipes are introduced in a variety of Medias and at cooking schools.

The reasons Shio Kouji became known once again as a superior ingredient are explained by many medical professionals.

Shio Koji is effective for:

1.Recovery for fatigue because of enriched vitamin B1, B2, and B6.

2. Reducing stress by amino acids, GABA.

3.Getting rid of constipation by lactic-acid bacilli , same as yogurt.

4.Preventing aging by neutralizing active oxygen.

5.Creating beautiful skin by the great effects of the above.

The magical seasoning includes the essentials of nice amino acids and helps consuming enriched and balanced diets by creating better tastes and reacting more on sweetness.

Kouji (malted-rice) 200g
Salt 60g
Water 200cc


Old Style

1.In a medium bowl, break Kouji by hands.

2.Add salt and mix well with Kouji.

3.Add water and mix more.

4.Store the above in Tupperware (lid is slightly open) away from direct sunlight with room temperature.

5.Mix once a day so as to not separate the water and Kouji.

It may take a week during the hot season and about two weeks during the cold season.
Once Kouji becomes softened, store in the refrigerator. It is good for about 6 months and does not need to be mixed daily.

New Style

1.Salt in warm water (60 degrees)

2.Break Kouji into the water.

3.Pour into a rice cooker, set to “Keep Warm” for about 5 hours with the lid slightly opened.

4. Mix twice during this period.

Shio Kouji is good with cheese, meat, or fish. If you marinate fish or meat overnight, they will get really tender.

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