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No.208 (3/23/12)

Canola Pasta

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

It's late March, and time for spring. But, we had heavy snow last week, so I think it'll take a little more time for spring to arrive to Misawa. The cherry blossoms, or sakura, usually come to Misawa in late April. Before the cherry blossom or at the same time of the cherry blossom season, you could see the canola flower field around here. They are yellow flower so that covered the field by yellow. It is a very beautiful sight in spring. Usually, we take oil from the canola flower. But, we can also eat it as you would spinach. Boiled canola flower is the one of the good way to eat with soy sauce. Today, I introduce canola Pasta. It is good and you could feel the spring with green canola flower.

Ingredients: (For 2-3 people)
・a bunch of canola flower
・4-5 slices of bacon
・a whole onion
・Salt and pepper
・1 clove garlic
・Olive oil
・Soy sauce

1.Add pasta into boiled water. Cook for as long as the package instructs.
2.While boiling pasta, cut canola flower and bacon into one bite size.
3.Slice onion and garlic.
4.Heat the frying pan and pour olive oil and garlic into frying pan.
5.Fry bacon, onion and canola flower in frying pan.
6.Mix boiled pasta with bacon, onion and canola flower together into frying pan.
7.Add salt, pepper and soy sauce into frying pan and mix well.
It is nice color in green, Enjoy!

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