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No.207 (3/9/12)

Japanese Korokke

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

Have you ever eaten Japanese Korokke before? It is like Hushpuppies, mashed potatoes inside with coated breadcrumbs on the outside. I will introduce regular Korokke with mashed potatoes inside today. Instead of mashed potatoes, you could use mashed squash or mashed sweet potatoes. They are also very good. I always put Korokke on curry rice and eat them together. This is yummy! Try it!

Ingredients: (10 - 15 pieces of Korokke)
・5 - 10 potatoes
・1/4 pound of ground pork
・A whole onion
・3 tbsp soy sauce
・1/4 cup of whipping cream
For coating:
・bread crumbs

1. Put potatoes into boiled water until they get soft. Peel off skins while they are hot.
2.Mash potatoes in a bowl, add salt and pepper and mix well.
3.Chop up the onion.
4.Fry chopped onion and ground pork in a frying pan and pour in the soy sauce.
5.Mix together fried onion, ground pork and mashed potatoes.
6.Make 10 -15 potatoes balls.
7.Preheat frying oil to about 160 to 170 degrees Celsius. Pour flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs into bowls for coating.
8.Put each ball one by one first into flour, next into the beaten egg and last into bread crumbs.
9.Fry them in deep fat till the bread crumbs turn brown.
10.Remove the Korokke balls and place on a paper towel to remove the oil.
11.Lay the Korokke on a dish.
12.Pour Worcester sauce or Tonkatsu sauce (Rich Worcester sauce) or soy sauce on the Korokke. They go really good with Korokke.


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