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No.200 (11/25/11)

Sweet Potato Rice

By Nao H. Kauffman
Chief Editor

The first snow touched down Misawa last month. The cold winter has started, so you may want to cook something that keeps you warm. There are a lot of seasonal foods between December and February. For example, yellow tail called Kan Buri (寒ぶり) or cod is a very popular main dish of the Japanese home cooking throughout winter. Currently, you will also often see fresh oysters sold in the supermarket. Oysters, "milk in the ocean", are very nutritious and rich in zinc and glycogen. Zinc helps preventing from disorder of taste and perception impairment while glycogen helps boosting up stamina. By adding a good quality of milk, which provides protein, people can have positive effects in improving delicate constitution and enhancing brain operation. Then, the vegetables such as broccoli and potato have vitamin C, which helps enhancing absorption of iron. Let's try oyster chowder this month

Ingredients (2 servings):Oyster 200g
One whole onion
One whole potato
1/3 cut broccoli
Three tbsp flour
One soup stock cube
One-cup milk
Two tbsp butter/oil
Pepper and salt

1.Wash oysters with salty water thoroughly and drain water well.
2.Chop potato and onion into small bite size pieces.
3.Quickly cook chopped broccoli in boiled water.
4.In a deep pot, fry onion and potato with butter or oil. Fill the pot with water and add a soup stock cube and cook for about ten minutes on low heat.
5.Add oysters (shells are removed.), milk and broccoli and cook for another two to three minutes. At last, flavor with pepper and salt.
Enjoy your soup with toasted French bread or crackers!

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