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No.200 (11/25/11)

Sweet Potato Rice

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

October is the season for harvesting rice. Rice fields turn from a bright green to a shining golden color and freshly harvested rice appears on the market. Newly harvested rice tastes even better this season partly because it contains more water than other seasons. Steamed rice alone tastes delicious. However, a popular and even more delicious autumn rice dish includes adding seasonal ingredients such as mushrooms, chestnuts and salmon to the rice. This rice is really good! But, today I introduce Sweet potato rice. Sweet potato is the harvest season in November. This dish is delicious, too! Let's try to make it!

・3 cups of rice
・A whole sweet potato
・Japanese sake
・1 tbsp of salt Wet:

1.Cut sweet potato into 1 bite size
2.Wash the rice well.
3.Put the rice into the pot of the rice cooker and pour Japanese sake and water until line 3 and put salt and mix together.
4.Put sweet potato into the pot with rice.
5.Turn the rice cooker on. If you have some leftover, you can put them into the freezer.

Enjoy your autumn!

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