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No.197 (10/14/11)

Sake no Chan Chan Yaki

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

Sake no Chan Chan Yaki is a dish that fresh salmon and vegetables are grilled with together using a frying pan or electric griddle. This is a famous dish of fisherman's wharf area of Hokkaido and one of their local dishes. It is easy to make and very yummy with Sake. Let's cook it!

・ 2-3 slices of fresh salmon
・ 1/4 cabbage
・ 1 whole onion
・ 3-4 peppers
・ 1 carrot
・ 1 bag of bean sprouts
(3 tbsp of Miso, 1 tbsp of Mirin, 2 tbsp of Sake, 2 tbsp of Sugar, 1 tbsp of Soy sauce, 1 clove of garlic(grated))
・ 2 tbsp of butter
・ A little bit of salt and pepper

1. Cut all vegetables into bite size.
2. Mix the seasonings above all together.
3. Heat frying pan and grilled salmon with butter. Put salt and pepper on the salmon.
4. Grill salmon well done, put all vegetables into the frying pan and stir. If you think you need more butter, add more butter into the frying pan.
5. When vegetables become soft, pour in the seasoning. If there is any water in the vegetables, you had better drain the water away before you put in the seasoning. It makes the vegetables soggy.


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