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No.194 (8/26/11)

Kyuri no Tsukemono
Pickled Cucumber

By Emiko S.
Staff Writer

The summer vegetables are growing in the sunshine during the summer. The cucumber is the one of them. A lot of cucumbers grow from one plant. We have many cucumbers, more than we can eat! People have ways to keep food in good condition. Tsukemono is one of the ways. Tsukemono is a little different from pickled cucumber. Pickled cucumber is pickled in vinegar, isn’t it? Tsukemono is pickled in mostly salt. We have many types of Tsukemono which is pickled in salt, ricebran(米ぬか), soy sauce, konbu(昆布), and so on. Today, I introduce one of the Tsukemono that picked in salt and Japanese mustard powder.

Cucumber 2lb
Salt 1oz
Sugar 3.5oz
Japanese mustard powder 0.5oz

Wash all the cucumbers well.
Put Salt, Sugar and Japanese mustard powder into Ziploc bag and mix together.
Put the cucumbers into the Ziploc bag and shake them well.
Let the air out of the Ziploc bag and close the bag.
Put something heavy (about 2lb)on top of it and leave it all day.
Next day, it will have some water from the cucumber in the bag.
Throw the water away. Finally, you can eat the cucumber Tsukemono. It is better to slice the cucumber.


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