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No.188 (5/27/11)

Kabayaki of Mackerel

In the April 8th edition, we introduced some tips and started the Asian Recipe Series in order to protect your body from any potential radioactive contamination in foods such as seaweed and other similar items. Mackerel, is a good source for preventing contamination and you can get a fresh one here at your local food market.

4 fillets of Mackerel (Pre-cut fillets available at the supermarket or ask the staff of seafood section to cut)
2 tbsp starch
3-4 tbsp Gentare (we introduced it on the Insider 176) or any kind of yakiniku sauce you like.
1 tbsp of oil
Sesame seeds

Drench cut fish with starch.
Heat the pan and pour the grease into the pan.
Place fillet carefully and fry.
Pour Yakiniku sauce into the pan and mix together.
Put sesame seeds on top of fish.

You can also serve it on top of rice with lettuce or cabbage. It is called “Saba no Kabayaki Don.” Enjoy!

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