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No.180 (1/28/11)

Sushi Roll (Ehou Maki)

By Naomi Kobayashi
Guest Writer
By Nao H. Kauffman

Sushi Rolls On February 3, most people from Osaka believe a custom which is to eat a special roll called Ehou maki. This has now spread out throughout Japan year after year. According to Chinese feng shui, Ehou is believed as a direction which brings luck in; therefore, people prepare for the special roll which has seven ingredients. By rolling those items in sushi roll and eating the special sushi in the direction of Ehou is a whole process that signifies bringing in good luck; as it were, rush of business, especially for Osaka, where it is known the center of commerce. You can purchase a variety of sushi roll from local supermarkets. Or you can create your own using examples from below.

2/3 cup Cooked white rice
A table spoon sushi vinegar
Dried seaweed
1/4 cucumber
Scrambled eggs or fried mixed egg (one egg, a teaspoon sugar, 1/2 teaspoon soy sauce)
Red ginger
A stick of imitation crab
(Japanese pickles, canned tuna, boiled shrimp, fresh salmon, and any kind of seafood can be applied. Or you can use ham or chicken breast etc.)

1. Mix the vinegar with freshly cooked rice.
2. Lay out a sushi roller (makisu) and put seaweed on it. Then, spread the rice.
3. Lay the stick items on top of the rice on the end closer to you.
4. Gradually roll the whole items together to the other side. Hold the sushi roll until all the ingredients become a full piece.

Tips for slicing:
Use a wet knife for cutting and keep it wet and clean in order to make a nice clean cut.

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