Insider's Kitchen

No.179 (1/14/11)


By Naomi Kobayashi
Guest Writer
By Keiko H. Johnson

Main Ingredients:
1 cup of uncooked rice (needs to be cooked to use) or 320g of cooked rice
2 tbsp Sushi vinegar
Nori seaweed sheets (cut into half)
Sushi Mold: Can be purchased at a 100 yen store

Preferred Toppings:
Sashimi/Roe seafood

Cooking Directions:
1. Cut a sheet of Nori seaweed into 3cm wide strips and set aside.
2. Mix Sushi vinegar into the freshly cooked hot rice (Sushi Meshi)
3. Dampen the Sushi mold. Place the Sushi rice into the mold and use the lid to press the rice firmly.
4. Lift the lid from the mold. And remove the shaped sushi rice from the mold onto a plate.
5. Use the seaweed strips to wrap around the shaped sushi rice.
6. Spread wasabi and seafood toppings on top of the shaped sushi rice.
7. Serve with soy sauce and enjoy!

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