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Charred Sweets: The Bamboo Charcoal Cream Puff

By Keiko H. Johnson
Staff Writer

The effects of Bamboo Charcoal are getting attention from a wide range of companies from clothing manufacturers to housing construction industries. Bamboo charcoal is indeed a unique product, which has been used in Japan for ages, to deodorize and control the moisture and mold in the house. The minus ion the product emits to the air is said to absorb chemicals and substances that are harmful to human health and it also has an effect to help you to relax. The product is popular for its positive effects on the environment and on human health.

Recently, some food manufacturers in Japan came up with the idea of mixing this unique product into their dessert products. One such product made with powdered Bamboo Charcoal is the cream puff, a product of Misawa. During a lunch break at The Insider's office, my editor and I decided to have apple-flavored Chikutan Cream puffs. Its crust is made with the powdered bamboo charcoal. The appearance of this rather peculiar cream puff is much darker than that of the black forest cake or brownie. At first glance this charcoal-gray cream puff may not be so appetizing, but the taste of this cream puff spreading in your mouth is nothing like you would ever imagine.

When opening the package, the smell of a fresh sweet apple fills the room. The first bite into the crust was a bit intimidating, but the taste of the crust did not leave any bitterness or any unpleasant aftertaste of the charcoal at all. It was much more delicious than I first thought it would be. The cream inside of this cream puff was not as sweet as regular cream, and the cooked apple with a hint of brandy or rum on the center, made it a perfect desert for our tea time.

This unique bamboo charcoal cream puff--Chikutan Choux Cream is one of the extraordinary desserts originating in Misawa. If you are interested in trying this dessert, they are sold as “CHIKUTAN SHU CREAM” at the souvenir stand in Misawa Airport.

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